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is creating gaming servers and programs.
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About The Infidels

The Infidels is an organization that is dedicated to creating gaming servers and games themselves. The issue with this dedication is that it requires a lot of resources, both time and money and while time is something that all of us have within Bronze Networks, money is not. We were brought to Patreon by seeing the success of others, and realizing that it may be best for us to ask for support. We are a community network, based on creating for gamers whom we ourselves are. Now, this dream is a possibility, but we need help.

We're a community of streamers, programmers, and of course gamers. The first goals are meant for a Space Engineers server, in an attempt to create the community that everyone seeks. Eventually, we'll focus on streaming entertainment, and even game development!

While we don't expect anything for ourselves, we want funding for the sole purpose of expanding, as all of us are dedicated to growth of the organization and the fun for our members. With the money that is donated, we intend to invest in a website, developers for custom plugins, better equipment for our administration, better equipment for our programmers, and overall expansion of social media and servers, as well as maintaining the server(s) we currently have. Thank you for taking the time to read through this, and here is to a (possibly) great future. Game on and game strong!
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If we can accomplish this goal, it will be a special day! Our very first patron!
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