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About Croatia Infiltration

Croatia Infiltration:
A team of dedicated explorers composed of architects, photographers and filmmakers, with a strong focus on rediscovering abandoned and forgotten architecture. The oldest group of urban explorers in Croatia with over ten years of experience exploring a wide range of locations in the region and beyond. Our main goal is to visit, photograph and film as many interesting places as possible, and to share a part of the experience with you.

Urban exploration refers to the process of visiting and photo documenting abandoned, obsolete and hard-to-reach buildings; often in locations that are off-limits. Residential houses, tunnels, hospitals and factories are some examples of decaying buildings that were of great significance at their time of construction. However, as people, time and regimes changed, so did the need for some of them. By being abandoned, they offer us a unique opportunity to go “back in time” and see how things were and how the world functioned before our time. Walking through abandoned spaces expands one’s horizons and offers a new perspective of the modern world. It lets us relive fragments of lost history with a sense of adventure and curiosity and stand as final witnesses to structures going extinct, soon to be completely erased from existence.

Project: Infiltration
As you've probably guessed, video recording/editing equipment and traveling cost a lot of money. Working on the project also requires a lot of time and dedication. Since we plan on expanding across Europe and other continents later on, we are going to need your support in order to continue making our dream a reality.
Infiltration is currently 100% independently funded. We personally cover all the necessary travel and production costs that keep the project going. This is how we were able to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Italy and Portugal in 2019 and share our traveling and filmmaking experience with you.
However, if we don't get external support in terms of financing, we will be forced to stop doing what we love. Well, let's be honest - we will never stop. But we would need to do other jobs and considerably cut back on traveling and creating videos on any larger scale than what would sufficiently sustain our personal wanderlust and happiness.
The totality of donations received from you will go towards our video projects and project-related travel arrangements (i.e. transport, accommodation, food, equipment...).

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts

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