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Oh so cool. Thanks for throwing in on this passion project of mine. You get first look and insider access

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For $3 a month you will have bragging rights as your name, your meme or your avatar will be include on the IG website.
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Sup...Kaos here. I decided to use my growing "skeelzs" as an illustrator to tell the story of a great nation in transition through the eyes and multi-dimensional experiences of a small group of inner city 20 somethings turned super heroes.

I'm a Dad, entrepreneur and X-combat pilot war vet who believes that hate, fear and separation has no place in our national community. I would love to grow a support base of like-minded folks who want to help lift the counter messages of Authenticity, Inclusiveness and Dignity for all people and nature. 

The story of a community waking up to infinite possibilities and universal greatness within each of us is especially relevant in times such as these.

I've launched the first in a series of graphic novels you can check out on my site "InfiniteGods.com" and are seeking your support for this ongoing project. You can help in three ways:
1. You can get the word out by sharing this page and joining the IG notification list
2. Become one my "GREATLY APPRECIATED" Patreon supporters and
3. Check out our Shop IG page and snag some swag.

Listen, where some folks look at the current toxic America and feel bummed we “IGs” see the ugly parts of our world had to be revealed so we can size it up and see where to grow. I feel very lucky to able to capture and share the exciting adventure of Infinite Gods with you. Thx for being here!

Giant Friggin Hugs! ~ Kaos of IG
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At $2000 a month I will make IG my full time occupation. I will begin to interview 1 patron or 1 topic leader a month as part of my Kaos Theory Youtube rants. Kaos Theory provides reaction videos to some of the heaviest challenges facing wake AF folks in the areas of social justice, super heroes and cultural evolution today.
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