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You'll be able to download my original and cover tracks .

Infinite Advantage
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  • You get all the previous packages
  • Early access on my upcoming songs/covers.  
  • Access to song demos from start to finish.

  • You get to hear the song before the official launch, and you can hear every demo versions of the songs as well as songwriting steps, for example (if I have done only song intro, you will have access to listen to it)

Infinite Songs (Non-Profit Edition)
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  • You get all the previous packages

    (Not offering lyrics writing or vocal music at the moment)
    Choirs and voices are exception.

  • You get to decide what kind of song I compose by telling your vision of the mood, instruments, structures and melodies of the song ect. [1 songs per month]

    (You will get 3 revisions so editing the song is still possible afterwards and you cannot use it for comercial purposes but it's possible to buy a license for the song afterwards)

  • After the song is ready Infinite Rivals will release the song on different platforms like, youtube, soundcloud, spotify, itunes, patreon etc, by the name of: Infinite Rivals - (Song Name) [Your Patron name is displayed on the description if you want] you will receive an email with mp3 and wav files attached to the song.

  • When you publish the song somewhere (for example in Youtube) then you have to give credit as follows: Music By Infinite Rivals

    (Prizes are subject to change)

  • After you are patron for this tier you will gain access to a link where you will fill up the information for your custom song.




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About Infinite Rivals

Infinite Rivals is a multi genre composer
and provides music for visuals, movies, video games, tv shows and social media/youtube etc.

Infinite Rivals works as independent artist, producer,
audio engineer which makes songs for people who wants to just listen music or people who wants to use our music for commercial purposes, infinite also provides custom song composing.
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I will buy more equipment to create higher quality music.
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