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Level 0: Mothefunder!

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Stop bitchin' and start a revolution. This is your ticket to ride. THANK YOU <3

Level 1: Syntony Lounge

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Share Your Gifts.. For those gifting at this tier, we will be hosting Exclusive Monthly or twice monthly Zoom Video calls to Lounge with resonant and potential co-creators. You will be introduced to some of our vision and have the opportunity to equally share your pieces of the great jigsaw that is emerging. This is the entry level for the IWG and the only way to become part of the story as an early adopter and co-experimenter with us as we take the Journey towards Alpha, Beta and then Gamma where the invitation opens wide.

Part of our prototyping here at Infinite World Game includes a process we call synergistic co-creation.. and this process is affectionately and temporarily called The User's Journey, in homage to Joseph Campbell and the UX of software. The first level in our IWG is also affectionately and temporarily known as the Syntony Lounge (defined below).. or 'Lounging' for short.

The intention for Lounging is to share; ourselves, information, passions, etc -- It is a level without many conditions. Our values at this level of the game include emergence, uncertainty, timelessness, spontaneity, synchronicity and similar. It is a level which aspires to unconditional love-- A Gift Economy of Currentsees and a level of Gift Consciousness. At this level, people are welcome to potentially contribute to each other's intentions if inspired, and, if that happens on this level, it is understood to be what we call, Gifted Forward. This means it is a free will choice to contribute/share without expectation of future rewards or similar.  

Bret will be happy to contribute to your projects and intentions through sharing network connections, experience, advice and insight from his journey. This is an additional perk of this tier.



This term, coined by Eric Jantsch in his book Design for Evolution, described one of the ways of accessing conscious evolution, as mentioned earlier. The relationship between the cosmic design and the individual intensifies through some form of syntony or resonance. Syntony feels like guidance, intuition, or direct knowing. We do not have to figure out what to do. We know. We perform with spontaneous right action. The inner world of subjective experience and the outer world of objective reality blend and become one. We and the world "outside us" are interconnected in one larger field of intelligence. The great flashes of awareness that mystics have experienced throughout history are reinforced and normalized. Each of us becomes more attuned to the deeper patterns; intuition and intellect blend. The mystical state becomes grounded and manifested in spirit-motivated social action. Page 173 of Conscious Evolution by Barbara Marx Hubbard (copyright 2015)  

Level 2: Self Locating

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What Makes You Come Alive?!

We will provide Google Form Templates for you to use -- We will host a Monthly Self Locating Zoom Facilitation (or more) and we will provide a link to our Alpha Noomap Platform so you can map (if you like) your Self Locating information. Herein, you would also begin to learn more about and explore some of our Essentials process as part of the Motherfund.

At this level, you will be gifted some tools that can help you in your own lives whether you ever play the IWG or not.

In The User's Journey, this level follows and builds on Lounging. Self Locating is a process of exploring, defining, refining and expressing who you are.. what you need, your intentions, visions, resources to give and more. In order to fully onboard into the IWG this is a level on the way.

Every tier from here, transcends and includes the previous tiers. 




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About Together

PLEASE be aware of the following:

This page/campaign has not been officially launched. It is not complete. 

We are using this space as holding place/landing page to share some Alpha Information. Please do not assume that what you read here is our final state and presentation. This is not an official campaign as we are going to be updating the description, the tiers, and all of it. 

You are most welcome to donate and support us with a gift now if you feel so inspired-- whatever denomination you like. At this time, you are agreeing, through donating, that your gift is 100% unconditional and will not be related to the current state of the page. When we go live, we will contact you and inquire at which level of tier/perk (if any) you'd like to have your donations be tied to. Please do not donate if you have any expectations from doing so.. at this time, I must stress deeply that if you would like to share, please do so consciously and freely, in the spirit of a Gift Paradigm. 

Our Stories can be found here at this YouTube List-- here is an example... 

Here is a colorful draft brochure we are harvesting from our notes and work the past year. Also, we have some video of our Alpha Noomap Embryo Prototype. Here is some brief video footage of some tech in R&D. Please see the P.S. below at very end for some more details about this brochure and main video.

This Patreon Page will be varied in content and include technology updates, as well as comedy, games, Reality TV, documentary footage, educational videos and more. In all of our expressions, we are here to be our perfectly imperfect celves. The Infinite World Game can be described in many ways (as aforementioned OS) from platform for synergistic co-creation, to particle accelerator for consciousness, and on and on.. Many people will attribute many meanings.. so it goes.. perhaps the Infinite World Game that can be named is not the eternal Infinite World Game-- and-- more important than naming it is playing it! This is what our core team and community is presently prototyping and experimenting with-- We are playing now!! 


Our intention is to use the Patreon Platform as a vehicle to generate a steady flow of funds to nourish this nucleus as well as to allow our current 'Motherfund' to evolve so many more co-creators who would like to be part of this can join us and receive the financial and integral support they need. 

Our next steps include continuing the process of completing our blueprint design of the IWG’s socioeconomic, technological and synergistic model. As you may suspect, we are not setting up a business here, we are setting up a planetary operation and this requires substantial research, design, development and embodiment. We envision in the second quarter of 2019 that we will be able to roll out our blueprint to support a more formal, sustainable and scalable level of invitation. We are envisioning a potentially massive and unprecedented version of an I~CO for September 2020; this will be extremely different then what is currently available. 

Until we burst through for ‘good,’ in meeting our financial needs, we come to our friends, supporters and believers to lend a hand as you are able, with absolutely zero expectations. 

We thank you, truly, for receiving this message with love and grace.

A few notes on the draft brochure and initial video we are sharing:
  • The Brochure may seem like a professional and finished product, however, please be aware it is more like seeing our notes than an externally directed communication for others. We are sharing, as is, so you can see how much work we have been putting in and feel the inspiration and possibilities.
  • The Video was recorded fairly impromptu. It is the first time this group has shared any kind of formal presentation with others, on the Infinite World Game. It is a tip-of-the-iceberg kind of thing so again, please be aware, we will be getting much more epic in communicating this.
  • The Slides from Video are, equally, a very early draft of what our project is about.
Contact us for Crypto options in support.


The S7 Foundation (formerly known as Noomap) is a new breed of community and evolutionary organism. They specialize in the research, design, development and embodiment of spirit motivated sociotechnologies. From internet sciences and visionary art, to social architectures, and philanthropy, S7 is pioneering the thoughtware, software, culture and environments for a new lifestyle and planetary scale system of synergistic co-creation.

The S7 Foundation has been living in the Gift Economy for the past 5 years on an epic global adventure to realize their Holonic and Holographic Sociotechnologies. Alpha Noomap has been a working palette for developing Holonic Perception and a strong proof of concept for what they will ultimately develop through An Infinite World Game. In parallel, S7 will be rolling out Noomap itself as a collaborative holonic mapping tool which can have vast and diverse disruptive applications and provide value across use cases from all walks of life. This rollout will be done in a decentralized, distributed and synergistic way socially as well as technologically.

There is already a very strong and positive demand for Noomap from diverse stakeholders spanning from the NHS in the UK to leading scientific pioneers and social entrepreneurial players from every sector of endeavor.. This rollout will also play a significant role in generating self-sustaining funds for the Infinite World Game platform as a whole- in this case, Noomap, will be one of the first exemplary breakthrough innovations which not only transforms our world technologically but also socially with its Holographic Economy and Whole Systems aspirations.

You can play with the Alpha Noomap (tip of iceberg) here:
$4.33 of $750 per month
All of the funds we receive will be given to our Motherfund. This is the container which holds and flows all of the funds and resources (skills, visions, time, goods, services, etc) that our community and project share together. We use a system called Essentials to help inform how these resources are distributed to people, and the projects they are self-organizing to co-create together. The Mothefund is a biomimetic and resource gift based socioeconomic framework and system we are prototyping right now. 

When we reach $750 per month we'll be able to pay the rent and utilities for one of our hubs in Tepoztlan, Mexico, where 3 of our core team of 6 are based. 
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