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Yes, IMG sites have ads. It's all I can do at this point to make literally pennies for my effort. But you can help! If you have ad-block software and wouldn't mind floating me a buck per month, I'll be more than happy to look the other way when you use it on my sites.
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Folks on this tier get to join an email list! Well, there's probably a more convincing way than that to sell it. Let me explain. I plan to roll out several new features throughout the year and beyond, including a podcast and some other stuff I hope is a blazing success. But for $2 a month, you can get access to everything first, in it's developmental phase. Even the inevitable spectacular failures! You also get ad-block absolution. 
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Did I mention I also have ambitions as a novelist? Of course I do, every writer does. Currently, I'm about halfway through my first attempt and have two more outlined for future novels. Not only do patrons on this tier receive everything on the lower tiers, but you'll get immediate access to "Brother" and all of my future novels (or any other works of fiction) for free as soon as they're released. 




Let's face it -- the news is weird these days. And it's not just the frequently bizarre stories themselves. The way journalists present the news has in many ways become a perversion of the craft. I'm ready to do something different ... and I hope you'll join me!

When I graduated with a Journalism degree in 2002, I went to work for a newspaper, identifying leads and writing up unbiased copy for print and delivery throughout my community. Little did I know that at this point in my career, I would be called blogger (a term I couldn't even define at the time) more often than reporter.

After advancing my career in a rapidly shifting environment through several newspapers and radio stations, I landed at a fledgling news site in 2013. I soon became managing editor and the property grew to be one of the nation's 100 most visited websites.

Still, I struggled to identify the core tenets of impartiality and integrity as I looked at the work of many competitors -- and occasionally even in the habits of those in my own newsroom. So I decided to act, launching Informed Media Group with absolutely no funding but a well-defined mission: "Information without an agenda."

Whether through either of the news-focused sites currently in operation or through the podcast and several other ideas currently in development, everything I produce will be rooted in that phrase.

I am grateful for everyone who continues to read Scope News and The Extract even in its modest current format. Many have followed from previous employers and I am both thankful and honored that each of you consider me a trusted source of information. Others have stumbled across these sites through serendipity or good fortune on my part and have stuck around despite wondering exactly what they were getting. Again, your support is most appreciated and is a constant source of motivation.

By and large, people are intuitive enough to arrive at their own conclusions upon digesting all the facts. On a fundamental level, it is insulting to those readers to omit or invent information, even if the end product reaffirms their inherent prejudices. So if I can play a tiny role in correcting course, I don't want to instead take the path of least resistance. 

Right now, I'm still trudging along as a writer-for-hire, plying my trade for several online outlets. But with your help, I have several dynamic plans to grow IMG into a one-stop destination for reliable and engaging information. If you like what I'm doing so far, I hope you'll consider pitching in what you can afford (or what you think it's worth) to help me produce more content and hopefully restore some civility to the public debate in the process.
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When I reach $700 per month, I will give up one of my current writing contracts (at a financial loss). I will devote that time exclusively to creating content for IMG properties. This will allow me to launch a semiweekly podcast and add at least 20 additional articles per week across all sites. 
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