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About Inga Hope


My name is Inga Hope. I am from New Zealand, currently living in Denmark. I am a guitar and voice singer-songwriter. I create songs and music videos. My music evolves around the lyrics, that's why I call my songs 'lyrical ballads' or 'miniature stories'.

My Work

I write my songs for voice and fingerstyle guitar. My guitar playing is influenced by my classical guitar roots. I love the soft gentle sound of the nylon strings and the classical guitar techniques sometimes make the guitar sound like a harp! I love the gentleness and expressiveness of this style of playing.

My songs are sometime released solo, but most often in collaboration with other artists and producers.

Each song that I release has a music video that I usually film myself. I create music videos for each song because my aim is to tell miniature stories through my lyrics and the visuals are there to support the story. I hope that the visuals add emotional connection to the words I am singing. Below you can preview one of my music videos. (More previews are available on my  website and on YouTube). With your support I am creating songs and videos and you can unlock access to my work by joining one of my tiers!

My Genre

I work in different genres of music. My main genre is acoustic, based on voice and guitar, but I also love to create sonic experiences that are mystic and dreamy. That is why sometimes you will hear my voice on "surprise" electronic collaborations.


My work is inspired by nature and the intricate relationships that we weave with our surroundings. Most of all I am inspired by the journey through life. The outer manifestations, such as the beauty of each season, as well as the inner seasons each individual goes through from youth to wisdom. I am inspired by love and its many manifestations in our lives. I don't just mean love among people, but also (and mostly) the deeper love and awe of life itself that is almost a religious experience.

My music is my sanctuary and a form of a spiritual diary. I write about the things that move me, but my songs are not always about me and my own experiences. I feel that when I write songs I am somehow connected with something greater than myself, and that's why my music is like my liferaft in a fast-paced turbulent world. In my lyrics I often use nature and love as metaphors for inner experiences and transformations.

My music is simple. I think that it is simple deliberately. Minimalism is a guiding principle in my life and also in my music. I want the essence, the soul, of the song to shine through and for this I believe it's important to keep the arrangements as minimal as possible. 

My favourite quote is by Einstein who said:

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler". This is my motto in life and in my creations.

I Love Patreon!

Patreon is very flexible for both creators and followers. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee (once a month!), you can choose to support your favourite creators. Patreon is more effective (for artists) than social media because the funds are available directly to the artist and can be used to cover the cost of equipment and production. This allows artists to release more work because they don't have to use their own savings to produce and release the work. If you enjoy the work an artist does, for less than a cup of coffee a month, you can empower your favourite artists to create and share even more! 

Why I Chose Patreon

I have considered many different music business models to share and release my music and I wholeheartedly choose Patreon! I use Patreon to support some of my favourite creators, and I hope that MANY MORE people will get to know and use the platform!

In the past, if you liked certain music you'd buy a CD, but today CDs are almost obsolete and streaming services like Spotify and iTunes pay very little royalties to the artist while keeping the majority of the profits each time you listen to a track. But Patreon is different. On Patreon the artist gets 95% of your financial support. This makes a HUGE difference and puts the artist in control so that they can skip the 'middle-man' and focus on creating.

It's Super Easy

It's easy and safe to sign up to Patreon and start supporting your favourite creators. Once a month Patreon will make a tiny charge to your credit card or PayPal and move the funds over to the artist. You won't even notice the monthly contribution, and if you need to stop supporting an artist, you can cancel anytime. Stopping is just as easy as getting started and you always maintain control over which artists you support. 

Community & Support

I want to get to know you and share more of my work with you. Which is why I have started this  community on Patreon.

Supporting my work on Patreon allows me to create more music than I otherwise would be able to. I used to release only 1- 4 songs per year, but my dream is to release a few songs per month. I can do this with your help.

Creating any form of art is very time consuming. Creating songs & visuals to go along with each song can take up to 40 hours and sometimes more. Your support mens everything to me, because without it my lyrics, melodies and visuals would remain in my heart and never see the world. I sing, create and share because you are here and because you care. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU if you decide to become a Patron and support my work. My work can't exist without you, which is why I hope to give you as much as I can here in our community.

The Journey

I believe in the symbolism of a journey. That there is greatness within each person. If we but take the first steps, the path unfolds… My music is a reflection of my spirituality, values and beliefs. My music is also my most sacred inner journey. It is my spiritual diary, the keys to which I share with all my Patrons.

By supporting my work you will gain access to the full videos, audio downloads, and my spiritual journey. I can't wait to meet you and get to know you!

Support my work by choosing one of the tiers, and let's connect in music and spirit!

In Light & Love,

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When we reach 20 patrons, I'll open a private Facebook Group where I will let you into my closest circle, sharing content that I normally only share with my family and friends. The goal is to get to know each other and connect. My public Facebook page has over 2,000 'friends' and I have over 1000 unapproved friend requests. But in this private group we'll have a little community where only Patrons can participate. That way we will really get to know each other and engage with each other's content. I can't wait!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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