Ingrid KV Hardy is creating Drawn and Divided

"Beam me up, Scotty!"

$1 /mo
Did you just join my team of patrons?! Yes, yes you did. THANK YOU! You are now one of the important hairs in my paintbrush! As soon as you become a Patron, You will get a package of whatever I hav...

"Nuclear wessels ahead, Capt'n!"

$3 /mo
First look at all new creations, plus at least one extra free print a year (likely more, I'm just not sure yet how many in total there will be yet), your welcome package of whateve...

"Resistance is futile..."

$5 /mo

This level is the same as the three dollar level, although my amazement of you is just th...


"He's Dead, Jim"

$7 /mo
McCoy may have lost another patient, but my paintbrush grows ever stronger with your support! Once again, this level offers the same as the previous, but I'm humbled that much more. ♥




"Your Logic is Impeccable, Captain."

$10 /mo


Everything in previous tiers, and you also get a coupon good for 10% off ANYTHING you migh...


"Capt'n Kirk, she's givin' you all she's got!"

$15 /mo


Everything in the previous levels is included here, but from this level onward, you become a part ...


"Make It So."

$20 /mo
You've got the last word. You also get everything previous levels get, as well as one original, hand-sketched/painted card once a year (usually at the end of the year). At least. You also get to ha...