Virgo Queen is creating Personal Lunar Magic

Lunar Readings for Collective Consciousness

$5 /mo
  • Access to bi-monthly Lunar Astrology blog posts delivered personally to your email!
  • 10% Discount on Readings for YOU or gifts to Loved ones!
  • Be part of the Inner Doorways Fa...

Lunar Planetary Sound Healing

$10 /mo
  • You will receive a Lunar Planetary Sound Healing Soundtrack
  • Each Moon has a special Planetary Frequency that will help align you to your Inner Cosmos and activate your Magical Self
  • Delivered via MP3

Lunar Tarot Reading

$15 /mo
  • Personal 3 Card Tarot Reading
  • Get Guidance, Answers and Special Insight on what a lunar cycle will bring you.
  • Delivered personally to your Email!

Lunar Personal Astrology Horoscrope and Ritual

$25 /mo
  • Personalized Forecast on what the next Lunar Cycle will bring you and a suggested Ritual to call in your Magic
  • Send me your intention or question and I'll guide you on how to achiev...

Lunar Personal Transformation Package

$45 /mo
  • Includes All the Tools for the ultimate Transformation.
  • 3 Card Life Purpose Tarot Coach Reading
  • Astrology Horoscope for Lunar Cycle
  • Personalized Ritual
  • Plan...