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is creating educational workshops and streams of thought in the Hidden Realm

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About Inner Realms Academy

To understand the reality outside
You have to understand the inside.

To inner stand the world have to INNERSTAND the mirror

As above so below
As within so without

 If you are anything like me, there is an insatiable desire for truth and for exploring the mysteries of this earth.

To discover the truth outside, you have to be willing to uncover the truth from inside.

We turn on the light to our inner caves through deep exploration looking for treasures that will deeper help us to understand mysteries of the world or realms that exist around us.

The inner Realms is a place where EVERYTHING we discuss will be a rabbit hole that leads back to yourself no matter how random it is.

The key is As above So below, As within, so without.

In the Inner realms we apply great commitment and dedication to learning, healing and evolving.  

We encourage each other through our mountain tops and valleys as well as practically face the dark and. the light both collectively and personally

Its time to rediscover the alchemist within and heal the wounds of the bloodline
To do this effectively we need to first dive deep into understanding self and everything in connection to self...

In the Inner Realms Academy

We dive deep into

Self and Shadow Development 
Astronomy and Astrology
Fundamental Spiritual Principals
True meaning of Sovereignty
Embodying your Sacred path
Metaphysics and Priesthood Wisdom
The true meaning of the middle path - Christianity
Trauma transmutation
The Inner connectedness of the universe and EYE
Shamanism and soul loss, recovery and restoration
How this connects to astrology and your bloodline
Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine concepts and karmic storylines

As well as so much more!

Are you ready for the ride?

Lets dive!

Be one with Self
Be one with ALL

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