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Chance Garton

InnerVerse, a podcast to expand your Imagination!

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About Chance Garton

I'm Chance

Why Support InnerVerse?

Entertainment doesn't have to be empty. We can help ourselves make better choices and improve our lives by exploring new avenues of thought. If we heal our perspectives, expand our worldview, and imagine new possibilities, we empower that which is most precious within us--our imagination. Energy flows where awareness is directed.

To me, InnerVerse has several meanings. It is the infinite internal reality that is expressed through each living being. A verse is also a line within a rhyme, and each life is an instrument within the grand symphony that we call Universe. Verse can also mean to turn or to change, and the InnerVerse is where we go to imagine something new. Imagination is your portal to who-ever, where-ever, and what-ever you desire to be or experience.

My mission is to provide diverse new sources of insight from creative and inspired people, to give you a positive outlet for your attention.

Thanks for listening.
I totally love you!

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