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Music, the odd mixture of frequencies travelling through air in seemingly arbitrary times and intervals, is essential to the well being of the biped mammals we are. Here at Innonation, we create music. We love it, nurture the craft of making it and produce it to satisfy the aforementioned, biogenic needs.

Today's technology has enabled music to be created with little human intervention. We appreciate the aid which technology may offer but we prefer the real, human touch. We believe, the artistry brought in from each musician, the amalgamation of musicality within an ensemble and the intricate chemistry of personalities among band members, are of immense value to our audience, in the form of entertainment or for the appreciation of music as an art form or through whatever that music brings about. We must continue to showcase these gems. Such wonderful aspects of humanity are well within our community's reach and are just waiting to be discovered and treasured.

Through music, wonders can be brought about. And that is not only due to the ingenuity and dedication of its craftsmen, but also to the support that facilitates the process and the work of each and every craftsmen. We invite you to take a look at what we have created and produced, and will look forward to taking you along on our journey to continue putting our craft to its best use.

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