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We, Christoph K. and Lukas R., are two 15-year-old Austrian students, each with over five years of programming experience. We both came to programming through the programming course from the company Logiscool. There we started with "Scratch" and later with "Scoolcode", a self-developed programming language based on JavaScript. Most of the participants have split up in this course and have done nothing or not much with each other. But we found each other by chance and program, build and develop all sorts of things mostly for fun. But quite suddenly we had the idea to develop a swarm of drones that could fly and fly completely autonomous and AI-controlled. We also wanted to add a plugin/add-on system. Which offers the possibility to write own small programs that the swarm can execute and/or single drones can execute these programs. Each drone should be equipped with 360° sensors and a Full-HD streamable camera that is responsible for face recognition, gesture recognition, and object recognition. Also, GPS, gyroscope and height sensors should be available. It is planned that the drones will be completely open-source and can be programmed and converted for everyone.

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