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is creating [insert quest here], poems, games, and zines.

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Look, if you have the money to spare, I am happy to take it and turn it into art for everyone.

You get everything the Supporter Tier gets, but for much more money. This helps me pay web hosting, and internet, and access other artists work so that I can grow and make more art myself.

Thanks a BUNCH for being so generous.  <3<3<3




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About Ray Cox

I'm a Queer, Trans Artist living on stolen Awabakal land.
I work in primarily digital mediums.
I've been making the RPG podcast [insert quest here] since 2014.
I started making my own RPGs in 2017, I published 4 games in 2019.
Recently I've been experimenting with Poetry and Zines.

You can support me in making art for as little as $1USD a month, and you'll get access to everything that goes up on my patreon. If you want to give me more support than that? Well I have some suggestions listed, but you don't get anything more.
Every dollar spent here helps me make more art for you to enjoy.

Pledge your support today for just $1USD and you'll get:
-Access to [Quest Markers] a patreon exclusive monthly podcast that updates you on everything I'm doing, and what's inspiring me at the moment!
-Free Versions of some of my games, including Last Knights On Earth.
-Previews of my poetry work
-Sneak peaks at my RPG designs and current projects
-Early Episodes of the Free podcasts I make.

I'm also a pretty spontanious person, so you'll also get access to stuff I haven't even thought off yet!

My art is all made possible by people like you <3

Header is a work inspired by my visual poem Sunwalker, made by @PocketTrashB (find them on twitter)

$45.03 of $100 per month
Equipment Overhaul
if we can get this far we'll be able to upgrade our editing software, and our confrence call software with will make our online recordings sound smoother. As well as allow for more of them.
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