Caroline Moore-Kochlacs is creating Insides and Outsides Podcast

Half an avocado

$1 /mo
Your monthly dollar will help pay for my time and costs. As I learn to create the Insides and Outsides podcast, you will receive all my behind-the-podcast Patreon posts and eventually all the episo...


$5 /mo
For less than the cost of a latte + an avocado, you will receive everything in the previous tier PLUS $4 of my behind-the-scenes ramblings will belong to you. You choose which ones!

Craft beer

$10 /mo
Everything above AND a monthly virtual toast will be held in your honor. My alcohol intake is not what it once was, but at the very least I will toast you with my daily weird salty Phosphate drink.

Hand-crafted upcycled bone broth bowl

$50 /mo
You have money to spend and you're spending it on supporting this podcast!!! Which doesn't even exist yet! You will be inaudibly named as the funds behind one interview I conduct each month. I am s...