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About Insights From The Abyss

I'll be on Youtube very soon, but for now you can find me on Instagram where most of my content is:

I spent over a year meditating with the aid of psychedelic mushrooms which culminated in a near-death experience. I met God, hung out on the cross with Christ and Buddha, and Lucifer told me all about the devil.
I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness.
I cleared a path... out of the pit.
I found the way... to the garden gates.

I share these insights with love, from love, and for love. For the betterment of all people. For peace, for harmony, for order and sanity, today, and for future generations. I share for goodness' sake, in the spirit that it will be as a light in dark times, a guide back to the sunshine that all souls seek.
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