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About Insomniac Folklore

Insomniac Folklore been traveling the United States and creating music for over 15 years. We are reaching a point in our career where our dreams and ambitions for the band our much bigger then our resources at hand. Right now, we are looking to greatly expand the scope of our vision! We are looking at creating bold new live shows with a full band and performance art elements, a string highly conceptual new records, evolving our online presence and developing deeper relationships with our fans and friends. Will you join us?

Why Patreon?
We really like the idea of having a more direct connection with the people who like our music and the art we make. We tried a smaller platform before but had a little trouble getting as much momentum as we would like. We had some great people and some fun with it, but it was a bit limiting. We are excited about moving over to a much more widely known platform like Patreon! We feel people will be much more comfortable and confident partnering with us on a more established platform.

Why now?
I don't know if you have been following the music business the past 20 years, but things have changed a lot! When this project started in the pre-digital world, just having good songs, a CD and a decent live presentation was enough to make a living if you were up for doing some touring. Since the year 2000 CDs sales have gone from around 1 Billion total CDs sold in a year to about 30 Million CDs total being sold last year in 2018. Even streaming doesn't make the artist even a tenth of what digital downloads used to. There is just not much money to go around in the traditional music business these days. So, now is the time to make some big changes in our business model and start moving forward in new ways.

What am I supporting? What are you going to do with the money?
To put it simply, we need your help in order to move forward. Some real needs we have in order to do that are:
1. A larger tour van and trailer.
2. Better video software and equipment for doing regular YouTube content.
3. Money for general living expenses (food, rent, paying off debt).
4. Rehearsal space (we live in a small apartment in Portland, OR and can't make noise).
5. Materials for costumes and props to improve our stage show and presentation.
6. Money for recording and releasing albums (we may still need a Kickstarters for this).
7. Money to pay our band mates better and keep us on the road longer.
8. A good booking agent.
9. Gas money.

We put a tremendous amount to time, effort and money into what we do. Even though we have done some fundraising in the past, we still have debt that we are still trying to pay off from previous ventures. We are really good at stretching our dollar and working with minimal resources. However, we are reaching a point where the strain is getting hard sometimes. We have some bigger, grander things in mind, new albums, music videos, bigger shows, a regular Youtube show and other things that we are really excited about. We promise to re responsible with whatever we receive and hope to refine things and improve as we go forward. It's time to grow, and we hope you grow with us.

Our sincerest thanks!
-Tyler (Rev Folklore) Hentschel & Insomniac Folklore

$97.04 of $100 per month
We could get better lighting a larger memory card and another battery for our videos. Then we would be able to step up our Youtube game a bit more!
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