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About Insomniac Sinner

Hi folks I am Inso and here's my YouTube channel : Insomniac Sinner

Thanks for coming out and checking the Patreon page...........So here's something about me- I am a simple guy who can't sleep at night (yes I actually suffer from Insomnia it's not the name just cause it sounds cool although it does sound pretty cool xD) so instead I play games

Playing NSFW games is interesting really and I love doing that, another thing I love is sharing the play though with other people. That's why I opened my YouTube channel. The only issue with that is there are scenes which YouTube doesn't allow so I have to censor those out unfortunately.

Well Patron is much more lenient with that matter and here I'll post the complete uncensored playthroughs so you all would be able to check it out in all its glory. Coming back to YouTube their review systems are kind of messed up ,uncensored scenes from movies is allowed and they can't handle a girl in a bikini in my videos (Yes!! I have got videos banned just cause of that even got my thumbnails removed due to some underboob peeks)

If you are wondering as to what I'll do with this money well I have a couple of things in mind first up I would like to support the creators of these games (that would also help me get the updates early) and secondly leave my boring ass part-time

So yeah, I always have this thing in my mind that all of my videos and my channel could get removed cause some d**khead got mad due to the lack of scenes and reports them, and the drunkards at YouTube reviewing system terminate my channel

As YouTube monetization is a hard pass for my channel (have only got 106$ once in 2 years of active youtubing) I am counting on you people to help me out. I love making videos but being a college student I also have a part-time job so ain't able to give a lot of time to this. Will you help me out??

Pretty Please!!!!

$2.70 of $50 per month
Would help me to become a patron for game creators and get them earlier
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