Inspiring Alien is creating Art, tarot/oracle decks, Youtube videos

Chamber Of Secrets

$1 /creation
  •  Add your name to Inspiring Alien Youtube Video descriptions! 
  • See secret posts exclusive for Patreon supporters!

Shooting Star

$2 /creation
Sneak peeks to my future projects!!

Your Name in the video descriptions

Access to secret posts exclusive to patreons!

Little Lessons

$5 /creation
  • A card pulled for patreons, a little general message for all
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SAVE / Coupon Code to the shop / -20% off

$8 /creation
Get a coupon code for etsy shop and get -20% off as long as you're a patreon

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Channeled Message

$11 /creation
Channeled Message from my spirit guides, to you all!

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Creator's Universe / Exclusive Extra Videos!

$15 /creation
Receive videos on youtube that aren't visible to others than patreons!

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Moon Madness / Monthly Tarot reading

$20 /creation
  • Access to a private Youtube tarot reading for the month
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Cosmos Contact / Monthly Astrology Reading

$25 /creation
Astrology Transit Reading for Patreons ONLY!

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