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About Sara Larson, In Spirit and Truth

I left my job in parish ministry in January 2019 so that I could focus all of my time and energy on working for reform, renewal, and healing in the Church that I love.

This past year has been quite a whirlwind of change for me, but I have been doing my best to rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit and trust that God's in control.

In the past year I have written more than 100 blog posts, and I hope you have found my writing helpful in some way. But my ministry has also become so much more than that, and you don't necessarily get to see what happens behind the scenes. God continues to open doors for me to walk with survivors, advise lay ministers, support Catholics struggling in their faith, facilitate fruitful discussion groups, and serve as a resource for people all over the country who have questions or just need support. I have also been blessed to connect with other Catholics in my own Archdiocese to build a new ministry focused on responding to the abuse crisis at a local level. This is all keeping me busy (very, very busy!), but I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to serve God in this unique way.

In an ideal world, I would be able to keep doing this work without any need for compensation, but my family does have bills to pay (and a son heading to college next year!). I have thought about moving back into some form of parish ministry, but I remain convicted that this is the ministry God is calling me to right now, that this is the way I can best serve the Church at this moment in time.

I am hoping that this Patreon will give me the ability to continue doing this work full-time, so that I can continue saying Yes to whatever God is asking of me next.

I feel a little strange asking for your support, when there are so many worthwhile things you could be doing with your money. But if you feel called to support me in this ministry, I would greatly appreciate it. I really want to be able to keep devoting all of my time to this work!

Unlike many Patreon creators, I am not promising special "insider access" or great "patron benefits" for those who decide to support me in this way. (It’s important to me that everything I write is accessible to anyone who wants to read it.) This is simply an opportunity to support my work, so that I can keep doing it - and still buy groceries.

Feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected] if you have questions. Thank you for considering this.

With gratitude,

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