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This Patreon page serves to inform and gather early interest along side myself and Inspiromedia's development ( of video games built upon stories of hope, faith and fun.  Our efforts in this entertainment medium is a departure from more common video game genres.

Inspiromedia is actively developing its first video game named Alberico's Day with two additional follow on games in planning and a third waiting in the wings.  At this early point in time, I am holding tightly to the context and content of Alberico's Day until around November 2020. 

A brief background of myself, for over 30 years, I have served law firms, innovating corporations and individual entrepreneurs as an intellectual property illustrator of patents and trademarks.  I've always aspired to work as an animator and story teller of sorts, though, God lead me in a different yet blessed direction for a time.  He continues to guide me and my family now along a path that provides for the pursuit of a means to serve Him more directly in this creative way.  In the past several years, I have been taking my interest in video gaming and more importantly compelling story telling and focusing this interest on the conception and development of stories which are being translated into edifying, entertaining tales conveyed in games.  Albeit at a pace not my own up to this point, it is now time to share with others at least this introduction via Patreon by soliciting your support. 

Anyone happening upon this page is welcome to offer whatever early support you have interest in as it will be sincerely appreciated and not forgotten.  The obvious take away from any new venture is that financial support is a necessary component as well as the prayers from anyone hoping to see more inspiration in games that translates to life rather than simply being a means to expend time.  Time is a most valuable resource as no one knows how much of it we have and time is not ours to squander, though we often do, but most certainly it is to give wisely and in love.  Without much for a potential Patreon supporter to chew on at this point, your support (if given), prayers and early adopting consideration is even more precious. 

Supporter and other relevant information will be forthcoming very soon.  Thank you for reading!          
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