is creating processes to improve lives, such as DualDonate.

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$1 isn't worth what it used to be
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If you live in the US, then after fees, this should equal $1. If you live outside the US and outside the EU, the fees are a little higher, so the remainder is a little less. If you live in the EU, VAT applies. Nevertheless, many hands make light work, and many $1 patrons make this work.

To the limit
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For amounts above $2.99, the processing fees change. At $2.99, fees, as a percentage of the patronage, are the lowest.

Five alive
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Why $5.01 instead of $5.00? Because the 1 cent signals that this is version one of this tier. Maybe that will be useful for organization or analysis. 




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DualDonate gives you the power to support good causes and Integrated. At least once a month, we give half of the DualDonate patronage to at least one charity, freeware developer, artist, educator, research project, or other recipient improving lives.

Two Dots
is a puzzle game, and I created walkthrough videos and strategy guides. You can discuss the game here with other fans. If you are stuck on a level, request a walkthrough video for that level.
$4 of $2,244 per month
I have food, medicine, and shelter, so I can build more communities. 
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