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About Intelligame

About Intelligame

Intelligame.Us launched in 2015 to highlight intersections between games and the world around us. Intelligame is a community of forward-thinking individuals who care about games and each other, people who think deeply about media and its impact on the world, and believe they can do something to change it for the better.

If you’re reading this, then consider yourself part of that community, too. :)

About the Founder (AKA the person writing this page)

I’m Josh Boykin, and I’ve been writing for…years. As far back as I can remember, really. I’ve been writing professionally since 2009, and I’ve refined my tastes and style over time. I’ve had my writing featured by Medium twice (for writing about Taco Bell and Philando Castile/Pokemon GO, interestingly enough), I independently covered the Ferguson protests with a piece that circulated the globe, and I started Intelligame (which is hopefully why you’re here). Intelligame’s become my main focus, and I believe in our community’s ability to change the way we think about games, about game criticism, and about our world.

Why Patreon?

I believe communities work best when fueled by the energy and support of their members. I ran Intelligame without any funding for its first year or so, but that meant that it frequently had to take a backseat to other, paying jobs. It also meant there was no budget to compensate other creators for their work for the site. By becoming part of our Patreon community, you not only help enable us to bring in strong, diverse voices and compensate them for their time and work, but also provide the infrastructure to help Intelligame become a stronger resource for everyone.

Our Patreon Methodology

We need money to keep Intelligame afloat. Creating content for Intelligame and maintaining its community resources takes not only time on my part, but also costs money for website maintenance, game purchasing, and more. This money will also be used to help compensate other creators who lend their talents to Intelligame as well!

The goal by creating these various Patreon tiers is to thank you for donating to the cause, and try to do so in a way that’s socially responsible. I hope we can provide appreciation for those who can provide more money to Intelligame, but also make sure nobody is kept out of opportunities for discussion due to lack of funds.

It’s also in this spirit that we’ve created our Intelligamer+ tier. We want to include and encourage marginalized voices, as well as those experiencing financial hardship; those voices are often ones kept out of discussion. We won’t ask for qualifications for those who pledge at this level: we trust you know what’s most needed for you, and there won’t be any pressure to move away from this pledge level.

Those who pledge at the Intelligamer+ tier will receive additional benefits as noted on the tier description, but will not be called out as Intelligamer+ members: they will have the same Discord role and signifier as any other patron. The Intelligame community becomes stronger when we include people from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences, and this is just one way we hope to create an inclusive community for all.

Where can I find Intelligame content?

Currently, the main places to find Intelligame are:
  • Intelligame.Us - The main website!
  • Discord - A chat server for Intelligamers to connect, discuss, share stories, and play games together! This is also one of the best ways to find out about upcoming Intelligame events.
  • Twitch - Our current livestream home. You can find us doing weekly Let’s Intelliplay livestreams on Wednesdays at 6p Pacific, and other unscheduled bonus streams.

What’s Coming Up Next?

2019’s going to be a big year for Intelligame! We’re relaunching the Intelligame Podcast: a weekly show highlighting creators and gaming community members, as well as highlighting games to play and criticism to pay attention to.

We’re also relaunching the Intelligame Game Club! Each month we’ll select one game for the IGC to play through, generally based on these criteria:
  • Accessible on multiple platforms
  • Cost $20 US or under
  • Strong narrative/storytelling component
  • Playable in <10 hours

Near the end of the month, we’ll have a livestream where we discuss the game! Anyone can take part in the Intelligame Game Club on Discord or via chat during our livestreams, though voice chat will be reserved for Catalysts and above (as well as Intelligamer+ patrons).

Brand new to 2019 is the Intelligame Book Club, a monthly book series where we dive into literature about and connected to games. We’ll also have a channel for book club discussion on Discord, and we’ll have a discussion stream in the middle of the month (to give some space between Book Club and Game Club).

Future Goals?

Our next goal is to relaunch IGnition, a monthly zine meant to give short bites of Intelligame-style commentary. We’ll do this once we reach our $200/month funding goal!

At $300/month, we’ll create a special, Patron-exclusive video each month. This provides not only additional base funding for the organization, but may create more revenue for guest contributors.

OK, Where Do I Sign Up?

Just choose your Patron level and go! Thanks so much for checking this page out, and I appreciate your support however you decide to give it. Keep Intelligaming, folks.
$300 - reached! per month
One Patreon-exclusive video a month! This funding level will not only help keep the Intelligame infrastructure strong, but also provide a little bit of bonus entertainment/thought for Intelligame patrons.
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