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My name is Samantha Hess, and I'm on a mission to change the world. You may know me from America's Got Talent, United Shades of America, CBS Sunday Morning, The Huffington Post, or a barrage of other fancy places talking about what I do for a living; professional cuddling. You may know me from my Facebook page or my blog where I share all sorts of super personal stuff. You may know me from reading my book or completing a session with me. Maybe we went to school together, worked shitty jobs together, or maybe, just maybe, we lived a past life together where we were best friend pandasauricorns.

If you are here it's likely because we have something in common, a belief that life can be better. For the last 6+ years I have dedicated my life, my time, and my heart to this mission I have to love the world. I believe we all have moments in life when we feel unloved, unappreciated, or just plain lost.

In these moments, I want everyone to have somewhere to go, someone to go to, so we each know that we matter and we are loved. As we are. Right now. In our weakest, most horrific moments. In the ones when we are not ok. In the ones where we decide to give up. And the ones when we regain that spark. When we see, feel, and KNOW that we've got it, because someone's got us. I've got you. Now I'm here to ask: have you got me too? 

I've grown a tremendous amount as a person and as a professional since I began my company, but for all the growth and magical life changing moments that bring so much value to my world I am still challenged with the paying my bills part.That's why instead of continuing to just add to my blog or Facebook page with all my efforts to stay connected, I have decided that I am brave enough, strong enough, and worthy enough to ask for help when I need it. Which is now.

Here's what I'm asking for: connection, collaboration, and currency. 

I will post things here about me, my life, my business, and anything else that you all ask for. I ask that you connect in a real way by sharing what you feel comfortable with about yourself too. Together we will support, praise, and love one another. We will build a family. We will be kind, ask for what we need, and give what we have to give. 

Here are some of the things I've been wanting to put out to the world, but haven't had the time/resources to do so: 
-Guided visualizations
-Old journal entries and my current thoughts on them
-Collective Stories
-Silly dance videos
-Story time videos
-Write ups of life experiences
-Fun art projects
-Adulting badges 
-New cuddle pose videos/techniques for friends, families, couples

I have so many things I want to share with you all! Let's make it happen! 

Here's what you need to know:
1. Whether you sign up to be a patron or not, I love you. 
2. If you do sign up, please give only what you have to spare. This needs to be a win-win.
3. There are different levels of support you can give starting at $1 a month, and different levels will have different rewards. 
4. No matter what level you sign up at, you are loved the same amount. 
5. You can cancel or change your amount anytime without guilt. See #2.  
6. Signing up to be a patron is a recurring monthly cost, so keep this in mind as you decide the amount that's appropriate for you.
7. In case you didn't hear it yet, I love you. 

So now, all that's left to do is ask: will you sign up and support me? 

Thank you so much! You make my life better!

Peace, Love, and Cuddles,
Samantha Hess

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 64 exclusive posts

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