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About The Internet of Dongs Project

Our goals are simple. People should be able to enjoy their connected and remote controllable sex toys however they want without worrying about security, privacy or safety. In an ideal world, you could trust manufacturers to have the security, privacy, and safety of their customers as their top priority. However, as with many Internet of Things vendors, they either don't know, don't understand or just don't care about these issues. We want to change that. By examining these devices, associated apps and infrastructure we hope to work with those manufacturers who want to understand how to secure their devices to do so, and those who do not, we want the public to know the risks of using those devices.

The site is active at The Internet of Dongs and is quickly becoming the central point for researchers and vendors interested in the security of these devices.  Right now it is hosted on a shared VPS and out of RenderMan's server closet in his basement.

We are not asking for much.  We have a major sponsor in Pornhub [NSFW] who kindly donated funds to acquire devices to test which was the biggest expense.  What we do need is funding for the smaller bits of operational expenses like proper mail hosting, web hosting, and test equipment.  Additionally we could use help in the expenses for getting our message out through things like stickers at conferences.

Not sure what we can offer as a reward at the moment for supporters beyond knowing someone is looking out for their privacy and security, but any suggestions are welcome.
$2.63 of $10 per month
At $10/mo we can cover our hosting and a minimal EC2 server instance for the site and mail hosting.  It's the bare minimum operating costs we have in order to get things onto proper hosting
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