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All I can offer is my gratitude—and a promise to work hard to earn your generosity as I make my next video.




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About internisus

Hi!   I'm Skye, and I write and make videos about games as internisus.  In order to provide the best experience possible, my content is always free of advertisements, and so I turn to you, dear patron, and ask for your support, if you are so willing.

My work includes scripted critical features; previews and reviews; collaborative podcasts; improvisational live commentary; and curated gameplay clips that show off good performances or attempt to demonstrate a game at its best.  Overall, I try to produce a balance of critique and celebration of games.  You can see what I've done so far at my website.

Here is an example of a feature that I made recently:

These are some features that I have (tentatively!) planned for the future:

  • A review of Hyper Light Drifter
  • A love letter to Super Hexagon, my favorite game
  • Why the original Silent Hill is one of the most brilliant video games ever
  • The importance of controls as consistent language
  • Narrative repurposing of video game mechanics
  • How one very particular moment in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons perfectly demonstrates the potential of the medium

Although they might go some way towards recouping my investments on equipment and software—while helping to further justify this use of my time going forward—donations are unlikely to elevate this hobby to a financially viable career for me, so I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I'll pump out more or different content if you open your wallet.  At the same time, even if I don't see a single patron to help soften the cost, I won't quit making the things that I want to make.  Therefore, no one should feel any obligation to contribute, and there are no reward tiers, goal levels, or associated promises.

Ultimately, I hope you understand that Patreon is not a way for me to charge you to watch my videos!  If you like my work, this is simply a small—and very much optional—way to help me make more.  I'm grateful.

If you cannot afford a donation but still want to help, please consider sharing my content across your social media networks.  Helping me to reach an audience is probably even more valuable than a monetary donation (unless you get really crazy with it), but, even if all you ever do is watch, listen, or read what I have to say, I truly appreciate it.

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