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You're awesome! So awesome, you're represented by the wonderful color Blue. (Figuratively, that is. The shirts are simply recognizable icons; none of these rewards include a physical shirt. Not yet, anyway.) This tier gets you the following benefits:

-A personalized on-air shout-out from Gabe and Jeff

-A personalized episode intro sent directly to you

-Outtakes and occasional snippets cut from finished episodes

-Access to read every archived entry of Gabe's short stories

-Audio presentations of Gabe's short stories, made every few months

And, of course, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you had a part in making the podcast as great as it can be!
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Look at that! We're so thankful for your donation that we consider you one step above blue: Green. Some would argue green is the best color; however, the person writing this description feels otherwise. But for being a Green tier patron, you get the following benefits:

-Access to our monthly bonus podcast, Inter-Patron Conflict

-A short audio journal from Gabe with details about the making of the podcast, and the games/movies/podcasts he's been playing/watching/listening to, made once a month or so

-You can write a short message (a paragraph or so) and Gabe, Jeff, or both of them will record it inwhatever style you desire and send it directly to you

-All of the benefits of the Blue tier

And if you think the Blue tier patrons feel satisfied for helping out the podcast, imagine how much you'll feel! Why, I reckon, five times as much!
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You've done so much to help the show, that we bestow upon you the mantle of the greatest color imaginable: Red. Could one fathom a color more brilliant? For pledging this tier, you gain the following benefits:

-Once per month, you'll get to join the other Red tier patrons in an online roleplaying game run by Gabe or Jeff over Roll20

-You can choose a topic (as specific or broad as you like), and Gabe and Jeff will record a ~10 minute discussion about it. (You will have access to this immediately, but it may be used as content on a future episode of the podcast!)

-As well as all of the benefits of the Green and Blue tiers

And, come on. You're awesome. You've gone above and beyond the call of duty, and you deserve all the satisfaction that comes with it.




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Welcome, welcome, welcome! You've found the Patreon page for Inter-Party Conflict, a podcast where your hosts, Jeff and Gabe, answer your questions about tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons! In case you haven't heard us before, head over to to find out more about us, and to listen to an episode or two.

What's this page for, you ask? Well, this page is here so that you, our awesome and amazing listeners, can choose to help us out by donating to our show. Even the tiniest bit helps, and we'll use your donation to make the show better- we plan on making more content, having on more guests, and taking your input to make the show as great as possible. You might even say, by donating to us, you're donating to yourself! Right? That works, right? Maybe?

Anyway, thank you so much for your support, even if you can't donate. Just the fact that you're here reading this means you care, and that's why we make the show. (But money helps too.)

So keep being awesome, and let's play some great games!
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You guys keep blowing us away with your generosity. So to say thanks, Gabe will release some of the audio from his Nerd Night presentations he put on at his local library in 2017. When we get closer to this goal, expect some more details!
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