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Hello Intervention fans! I created this Patreon because Intervention Directory could use some financial support. A DDOS attack on the site, first launched in November 2017 but ongoing, initially resulted in the site repeatedly being brought down by traffic that overwhelmed the shared hosting server. After several months of a free security service in place that caused a delay to everyone visiting, the attack found its way around the block and again brought the site down. The only way to keep Intervention Directory online was to upgrade security services. Because this attack is automated and doesn't look like it will end anytime soon, the higher level security is required on an ongoing basis to keep that nasty bot from forcing the hosting company to kick the site off their server for good. Currently this service (Cloudflare) stops 120 GB of bot bandwidth from coming through and crashing the site. That's A LOT. Without this service, there would be no Intervention Directory. 

There are two set goals for this Patreon. $30 a month to cover the secure hosting is what I'm hoping for. That would mean that the site wouldn't be something that costs me money out of pocket, as it does now. I set a 2nd goal of $150 as kind of a best case scenario. I mean it would be really nice to have the costs covered AND get paid a little bit for putting more work into the site, but not reaching that goal won't stop me from creating content and making improvements. Intervention Directory is a labor of love and my true goals for the site will never be financial. Anyway, anything you can contribute is so HUGELY appreciated! Thank you!
$5 of $30 per month
At $30 a month I will be able to cover the cost of security so that the site is protected from DDOS attacks as well as regular hosting and domain fees.
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