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Welcome to In the Dark Air, a blog dedicated to all things horror. Be they spine shuddering movies, knee buckling television series, scream stifling survival horror games, or any other medium where horror winds its nefarious way into our hearts, you’ll be sure to find them here.

We aim to write one post per week, usually released every Monday, surrounding some work of art that’s sure to make your hair stand on end. There’ll be a special feature every third week called Malicious Myths, where we delve into the history and mythology surrounding horrors most iconic figures, from old classics like the noble werewolf right through to newer additions like Slenderman and Freddy Fazbear. For descriptions of our other regular features, please see our page entitled Explanation of Terms.

So join us on a terrifying journey through the genre of horror and how it affects the human psyche. Perhaps you’ll learn something new. Or perhaps you’ll just find yourself, curled up in a ball in the corner, quietly crying.

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