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Thank you! ( please note that Patreon is in US Dollars). You might want to simply offer support without necessarily engaging more directly in what's going on and where things are headed. Or you might also be interested in giving feedback, sharing stories and experiences, and helping to inform the direction of the project going forward,  as well as access to additional resources, reading and other materials produced by In the Shift going forward.




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About In the Shift

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In the Shift is a space for conversations about faith and spirituality in an era of change. These conversations often have to take place outside the institutional powers who tend to control the narrative and the resources - which brings us to the ‘why’ of Patreon:

  • In the Shift received some initial financial support to help get things started, but as that season of support is coming to an end, we are exploring how to move forward in a financially sustainable way
  • Patreon gives those of you who are finding In the Shift helpful the opportunity to financially back the work, helping it to continue and evolve. In this way, you'll be making possible the time and resources needed for the continuation of this project.

Asking for money is a complicated thing for some of us these days. It can be easy for spirituality projects to turn into money-making ventures that distort the original intentions, and a bunch of us have been burnt by that kind of experience in the past. But the realities of the need for resourcing and financial sustainability don't disappear either. So here we are - asking for the means to continue what we're doing.

Rather than setting up a tiered approach of exchanging levels of support for various benefits, there's just an invitation to support with a flexible approach to engagement (please note that Patreon is in US dollars). You may just want to offer financial support without any desire to engage more directly, you may want to help give feedback and shape the conversation, or you may want access to additional resources and reading as well as other materials produced by In the Shift going forward. 

Where are we headed?

For many of us the stories, beliefs and power structures of the major institutions are no longer satisfactory. Some of those who have been immersed in an institutional (and conservative) framework are in the difficult space of pulling things apart, and this can be an isolating, lonely and disorienting experience. And then what does putting things back together look like? Or is it even possible or necessary? These are the questions that have been driving the project of In the Shift.

This first year has largely been about naming and pulling apart some of the constructs and paradigms of faith that can be unhealthy and even toxic, but as we move forward the plan is to continue exploring ways of understanding spirituality, faith and social change that are constructive and help lead us toward a way of navigating modern life in healthy and meaningful ways.

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