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About intrepidPioneer

Hello world. IP here, thank you for stopping by my humble page. A bit about myself:

I'm an artist, I have been working on it for years, and I find its something I'm the most passionate about. I'm in school for software development, but I'm starting to feel that I can use my time better focusing on my skills. On may 14, 2013 I started a forum adventure called Lucidstuck, based off the popular webcomic Homestuck. I was a fan of Homestuck for a while, but after starting Lucidstuck and making it it's "own thing" I sort of grew away from it. Lucidstuck evolved into it's own niche within the homestuck community. Now Homestuck has ended, people will be looking for the next best thing, and I think Lucidstuck is definitely it. I design the layout and story myself, draw all the sprites, come up with the plot and cool things you readers help with and make it a reality in the story. I think with a bit of support Lucidstuck could be the greatest piece of fiction on the internet.

About the story:

Lucidstuck is... an adventure. A survival horror. The characters are teenagers who enter another plane of existence while they sleep or lose conciousness. This place is known as the dream world, pieced together by lands called realms which the characters spend most of their time exploring. In these lands monsters roam, creatures dead and gone, aimlessly wandering, searching for a way out.

 As the author I do not know who will live, or who will die. I do not know who will be friends, and who will be enemies. And I don't know if the story will end on a good note, or a bad one. The readers determine this. As the Author my job is to make sure things happen, but the readers decided what those things are. I lay the tracks, the readers drive the train. Without the readers the train goes nowhere. The adventure is very inclusive, anyone can make a suggestion for what the children can do, and it involves teamwork, perseverance and dedication. Many readers have been following it since it's creation, even more joined along the way. The story is engaging, and I'm told the characters are easy to relate to and a joy to experience.

Why pledge to me:

I work very hard on Lucidstuck. I don't need money to create Lucidstuck, but I would like to work on it full-time. I would definitely consider working on Lucidstuck and getting paid for it my dream job! But It's not about me, it's about you! The readers are what makes this project possible, that's why I do this. The community formed around Lucidstuck is amazing (Even though its a few people right now) and I welcome anyone to be apart of the nightmare! Also pledging shows me that "hey, a lot of people really like this thing!" And it's quite the motivator.

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Enough income equivalent to 40 hour work week of minimum wage in my country. Dreams achieved!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 58 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 58 exclusive posts

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