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~ Moving alongside.
~ Releasing and trusting.
~ Opening and listening.
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- Nurturing our deepest places.
- Facing and divesting from oppressive systems.
- Moving and honoring our bodies, as they are.
- Revering the natural world.
Nature Wisdom
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Artwork starts here.

- One custom (non-binary) jewelry piece made from gathered juniper wood, Earth stone, or seashell.

- Sketches, infographics, other made things.

- Discounts on various custom pieces.

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Beautiful people! Thank you for visiting.

Patreon: What & Why?
Patreon is a membership platform for creators. Patrons allow for my artistic process to be open, emerging, and expansive. I want my creative work to live less in a realm of transaction (set fees, hourly rates, scarcity) and more in transformation (flow, gift, service, adaptation, abundance). For me, too much transaction crowds and hurts just about everything and everyone I see or touch or love. I want to create a different story for how I love, give, serve, show up, and make art. 

What is Intrinsic Paths?
a way of being 
...a creative journey focused on Walking Invitation, Human Dignity, and Engaged Contemplation to deepen and widen personal and collective relationships to one another, to one's inner life, and to the natural world. Consider becoming an Intrinsic Paths Patron if you (A) have been nourished by my creative work and want to see/inspire more, (B) want to go deeper and make a more intentional connection, or (C) would benefit from what I offer Patrons (see projects below).

Welcome Statement:
Beloveds of all backgrounds regardless of age, ability, race, class, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, country of origin, political affiliation, and religious tradition are so beyond welcome to become a Patron. All references to walking are inclusive of moving by wheelchair or powered stroller.

Your Patronage Supports:
Materials, tools, creative strategy/time, content development, movement building partners, fees, food, bus passes, shelter/rent, and ALL that keeps my body healthy and thriving.


No strings attached.
No hard feelings for starting, re-arranging and stopping as a Patron.
None. Ever.
Freedom, peace, and dignity for all.


Current Projects:

1. Walking Invitation & Pedestrian Dignity
(1) Walking Invitation includes contemplative, long-distance, and human dignity-themed programming, custom walking routes, and artmaking. Pedestrian Dignity is a storytelling initiative using video, photo, audio, and experiential documentation of built environments that (A) violently impact and dehumanize and (B) prioritize and honor today's pedestrian.

Embodied Proximity
10 themes inviting people into a more intentional moving, embodied relationship to their immediate surroundings and various practical destinations. Each theme will have video/audio invitation, art, resources, and practices. All invitations are curated for both (A) people who walk, use a wheelchair/powered stroller, and transit as their primary form of transportation AND (B) for those who have a choice to walk or roll for transportation. This workshop is open to the public and was launched in February of 2020. Learn more here.

Ways of Walking Online Workshop
 A 12-theme virtual workshop for deepening and widening one's personal and collective connection to walking/moving at an unhurried pace. The workshop includes a variety of video reflections/meditations, practices, tools, and resources and is available as a self-paced online program through Patreon. The workshop is open to the public. Learn more here.

2. Human Dignity, Social Justice, Anti-Racism & Bold Love
Revolving content (with humility and imperfection) on issues of class, race, LGBTQIA+, religion, politics, cooperative economics, reparations, colonization, money, Earth care, consumerism, and more. Opening our hearts. Waking up. Healing our pain. Going deeper.

If you are me...
And I am you...
What must we do...
Who must we be... 

3. Inner Freedom & Engaged Contemplation
Guided (virtual and in-person) meditation, walking meditation, and nature/body/breathing-based practice. Honoring many forms, teachers, traditions, and rituals. Always with imperfection, humility, and vulnerability.

"...the Earth will be safe
 when we feel safe in ourselves."

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

4. Movement Building
Protected time creating alongside inspiring individuals, cooperatives, and community-led initiatives that tug on my heart and inspire a more loving, connected, and just world. See some of the Movement Building organizations supported by Patrons here.

5. Jewelry & Made Things
Necklaces and other made things from fallen Juniper branches, seashells, and rocks.

6. Drawing, Poetry, Photography, Manuscript
Pencil, ink, photography, and poetry pieces flowing through all public media accounts. Manuscript: one-third of the book is complete as of September 2018. I'm working on finishing the remaining 6-8 chapters and formalizing a publishing process throughout 2019-2021.


My Brief Story:
In 2010, I spent 242 days walking across the United States and have continued to walk alongside thousands of people for thousands of miles. I'm a passionate artist, social entrepreneur/co-op owner, and advocate for social, economic and racial justice. I'm also LGBTQIA+, Creator of Intrinsic Paths, and Founder of Walk2Connect. I finished my studies at the Living School for Action and Contemplation in 2017 and have committed my life to help people deepen and heal their relationship with one another, the natural world, and themselves.


#godeeper #loveharder
185 of 250 patrons
A dream. Beyond a gift. You are my flowing stream. Once I reach 250, I will do a huge Patron gratitude campaign where I'll feature, promote, and move your unique passions, projects, art, and/or causes that inspire you.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 99 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 99 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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