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About Intuitive Social Incubator

"Max here for Intuitive Social Incubator.
      We are extending to all excluded people the privileges of caring, supportive community.
      Our growing community knowledge-base allows us to connect members of our network with crisis aid, emergency supplies, and health information.
      Intuitive incubates and improves inclusive access to collaborative media -- just one of the ways we support one another in creating sustaining, meaningful income streams for individuals and for communities.
      Every community's longevity benefits profoundly from nourishing, practical communications infrastructure -- especially with those who are unusually sensitive, people impacted by trauma, and those affected by increasing disabilities.
      Intuitive works every day to stabilize community support for emergent uniqueness, with guidance towards paths that regenerate self-healing.
      With survivor-resonant approaches, we are able to achieve amazing outcomes even in extremely severe cases.
      For instance:
      Individuals suffering from severe environmental illness or injury, harmful air quality, toxic mold poisoning, chemical and electro- hypersensitivity, and other invisible or establishment denied traumas are often misunderstood or mischaracterized as psychiatric cases, causing extreme and compound traumatic injuries.
      But they -- like me -- can learn to heed the signals of their bodies when they are effectively supported in self-led recovery that allows them to be immediately recognized in service to their communities.
      Another result: the destructive costs of needless -- and needlessly messy -- deaths are removed from the balance sheets of countries, states, cities, municipalities...
      Because communities now have the tools to keep their members happy, healthy, and living.
      Knowing this, we get to focus on solving problems together, establishing community safety, and helping one another to build more resilient income streams.
      If you'd like a personal introduction to what we are building, email me: [email protected]
      Find us on Twitter at IntuitivePublic, and follow our 24/7 audio at Intuitive.Pub/Radiostream.
      As we continue to connect caring mainstream communities with communities in hardship, we're producing greater and more effective solutions and healthy outcomes together.
      Thank you for your help in co-creating these new positive pathways for severe experiencers to recover -- and for every person to thrive in community.
      Keep tuning into this Intuitive Public Radio to receive more community transmissions.
      Thank you for listening."
. . .

Intuitive Social Incubator coordinates collaborative media, support, and advocacy for people in extreme distress seeking situation change.

Our efforts include people with illness, disability, problems finding safe housing, isolation, and those in abusive or otherwise strained situations.  Our community dedication is to listen with empathy and assist in creating short-term and long-term sustainable solutions.

Collaborative community resources, workshops, and outreach are offered free of charge.

As members of this incubator, we seek to help others in innovative ways, create individual helping professions with income streams, and provide opportunities to learn from and with the people we seek to help.

Our Patreon supporters are helping us sustain basic operating expenses: resource hosting, communications reliability, and community functions we are building and maintaining for all.

Once we have achieved basic operating expenses, we will focus on minimum stipends to improve safety and facility for our core team.

If you need our help (or would like to help) in any way, please reach out to us at this email address: [email protected]

Thank you for joining us on this adventure and helping us to establish these resources for all of us.

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