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A small token of appreciation that helps me keep doing what I'm doing.

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I wouldn't be able to do it without you, so by supporting me here. You'll get access to the patron only discord where you can get caught up on all the new day to day stuff, along with many ongoing conversations!
Also you'll get your name on my site under "Those who made this all possible" and some behind the scenes content!

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Like the title says, this starts to make a tangible difference!
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About InventAbility

Eat, sleep, print, repeat.
That is the 3D printing life, and it’s one I’ve come to love.My name is Jonah and I run, and wanted to say thanks for taking a moment to check out my patreon. If you read no further, know that I appreciate even taking the time to have a look at this page.

When it comes to my day to day work it’s always a fun mystery what I’ll be working on next. Maybe it’s miniature figures, maybe it’s an eye tracked robotic arm. Each day is a new surprise and I love pushing both my own abilities further, and the limits of the technology.
But what fun are designs that can only be admired behind a glass case? Since a lot of my designs are mechanical in nature, and designed to be useful, I want to share them with the world by making them open source and easily accessible. Recently for example I’ve been working on a respirator system to make living on earth a little more comfortable and safe.So by making that design available I hope to help make at least a few peoples lives a little better.
Speaking of which, one of the reasons I started 3D printing things in the first place was because I had a dream. I saw this wonderful technology and the amazing things people were doing with it and I wanted to use it to make things to help the differently abled, or make life easier for people. But those ideas and products thus far don’t pay the bills so most of my time ends up being spent helping clients with their ideas instead.

The reason I’ve started this patreon is because I want to be able to spend more time making open source designs, especially those aimed at accessibility and quality of life improvements. By supporting me here, I’ll be able to invest that time into making useful, beautiful things and of course they’ll all be made available so anyone can print them out themselves.

As a special thank you, patrons will get some extra benefits like sneak peaks of upcoming designs, be able to suggest things you’d like to see me make, and even get some 3d printed items of your own.If you’ve made it this far, thanks for taking the time, and I can’t wait to see the amazing things we’ll make together!

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