Christiaan Bruin's Inventions is creating music and video's

$1 /creation
Be the first to hear the new song. You will receive a high quality mp3 download every time a new song is finished.

$3 /creation
You will receive a lossless .wav or .flac version (as well as the mp3 file) of every song, and lyric artwork made by me.

$5 /creation
All of the above + your name in the video credits + extra behind the scenes video footage and updates.

$10 /creation
All of the above + a signed INVENTIONS poster, your name in the CD booklet, plus an alternate version of a song every month (acoustic, live or remixed).

$20 /creation
All of the above + a signed CD every 10 episodes, and a personal 'Thank you!' video message.

$60 /creation
All of the above + remix stems of every new song + a short live performance every month.