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About Ashleigh La Porta

Hi there! I'm Ashleigh La Porta, a LARP/tabletop player, writer, and designer. My professional background is in educational design, and I want to use my experience to help make the games we play easier to understand. That way, we can spend less time figuring out how to play them and more time actually having fun! 

I’m the content editor for Gather: Children of the Evertree by Stephen Dewey. I’m looking to be an editor (and more!) on more game projects, especially games that are created by/highlight trans folks, queer folks, people of color,  and any other kind of marginalized group. Let’s make the games we want to see in the world!

Like so many of us, I started tabletopping in childhood, messing around with AD&D 2nd ed. when it came out in 1995. (I was eight years old at the time!) Much, much later on, I broadened my horizons to LARPing and began doing boffer and theater style LARP in the Boston area in 2008. In the last year, I’ve broadened my LARP horizons significantly with trips to Just a Little Lovin’ (Minnesota), Immerton (California), Knutpunkt (Sweden), and Witches of Ästad Farm (Sweden).

I want to use this Patreon as a launch point for my original works and other creations, so look forward to more info on that in the coming days!
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At this level, this Patreon will fund my monthly medication costs - mostly, this means my hormone replacement therapy meds, which are fundamental to my happiness and well-being. Thank you for making sure I stay this cute! <3
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