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The $5 basic package gets you the "Donor I" role on Discord, along with $5,000 in-game cash. 

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The $10 ultimate package gets you the "Donor II" role on Discord, along with $10,000 in-game cash and any future forum rewards (coming soon™).  

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The $15 extreme package gets you the "Donor II(" role on Discord, along with $15,000 in-game cash, any future forum rewards (coming soon™), and exclusive access to pick one vehicle to have in the server JUST FOR YOU!

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About Indominus

Inverted Gaming was started by two eager individuals with a passion for gaming. What started as a ArmA III community, has since transitioned over to GTAV. The Inverted admin and moderation teams have worked hard to get the community up and running again. The goal the team is trying to accomplish is having a fully custom game server (coming soon™), along with having a successful community to back it. Support Inverted Gaming today to help keep the project running! 

All donations go towards server, website, and forum upkeep. No refunds are offered. The administration team has the right to kick/ban anyone from the community regardless of donation status. 
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