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About InvisibleUp

Hey! The name's InvisibleUp, and I do some cool stuff with retro tech.

However, I also often write articles and produce other content for my website. Often I write my articles on the things I'm working on, but just as often I'll write about things like UX conventions in computer software, internet archeology, solutions to physics problems inspired by video games, and more! I also sometimes upload drawings or poetry that I make just for fun.

Often I'll have a big project that I'm working on. In the past this has been things like Sonic Redux (the Sonic R mod from earlier) or a game jam entry or my (now canned) Game Boy game, Aqua and Ashes. Very occasionally I'll livestream myself working on these projects on Twitch, too.

If you support me on Patreon, you can expect more content produced by me, as I'll be able to dedicate more of my time towards working on content. You'll also forever earn my appreciation.

Legal disclaimer: Any works I create based on copyrighted characters are released for free, without involvement from the copyright holders.

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