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About inZoxi

PLEASE NOTE: This Patreon may provide adult content now and then, please be aware of the NSFW tags!

'inZoxi' has had an in-world presence since 2016 on the Second Life platform, although its creator has been around for 13 years (give or take) under various other brands and has continued to dedicate time and effort, both paid and free of charge, to continue providing new and different content to fellow residents.

Currently the largest projects have been those of sim builds, assets and the likes which have been visited and (hopefully!) enjoyed by hundreds of different residents from around the world.

Now I'd really like to trade some knowledge for a better idea of my monthly income - it's a scary time not knowing where your next payday comes from!


You will see work in progress shots for things like:

- Upcoming Ruby Hills events
- Other upcoming events
- Personal work
- Tutorials
- In-world gifts

You will also be able to vote on polls for things like certain holiday gifts or what you'd like to see from inZoxi next - have your say!

Within Second Life, you will receive free gifts now and then which will be announced via the in-world Patreon group notices, as well as new product releases and maybe even said products themselves! 

If you also look at the goals, there's one for the inZoxi Mesh Vault which will provide all $50+ Patreons with fresh new mesh products each month that they can use to customise and sell on the Second Life platform!


Q: Can I only get last months item if I subscribe after the month ends?

A: Don't worry, all old items as well as the current months will be acquirable in-world as long you have the group tag. Please note that you WILL lose access to this by the end of the same month upon cancelling your membership.


Q: Do I keep everything given to me, such as mesh files, licenses and subscription bonuses?

A: All files given to you are yours to keep, regardless of if you're still a patron or not. Licenses are perpetual and also apply regardless of your membership - be sure to actually *read* the Licenses given!

Things that do require a "subscription" will depend on your current patron status as being a patron means you are an active subscriber and therefore legible for new content every month.


Q: What is a "Subscriber"?

A: The term "Subscriber" is being used for active patrons within the Second Life groups as well as emailing lists where new items are provided every 4 weeks, these will be pruned month to month and you will be removed from the group if you're no longer a patron.


Q: Do we get any other perks from being in the in-world group?

A: Releases for the main store *may* be given out from time to time but will not be included in the backlog! 


Q: I have become a Patreon but I have not gained access to my rewards yet!

A: Some rewards must be done manually by me, hence why I have put a limit on some of the tiers. If you have yet to receive rewards, please contact me via [email protected] using the subject "Unfulfilled Patreon Rewards" along with your inworld name for Second Life.

Check out the Patreon ranks and tiers to the side and thank you for your consideration - inZoxi would not be here today without its customers, partners and my own dearest friends.

$9 of $150 per month
The inZoxi Mesh Vault opens for Patreons at $50 or over - a surprise mesh file will be supplied, royalty free with a license for unlimited commercial use within the Second Life platform and non-commercial art projects outside of SL!

These models are NOT available anywhere else!

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