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is creating art, music, education, chats, vids & a guide to navigate the NWO

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THANK YOU and a few more things to share with ya!

  • You've unlocked the door a an educational library of resources which is expanding daily!
  •   You are helping keep the experience of live online shows up and running! Thank You!
  •  NO CONTRACTS! You decide to leave, and i will not hold it as ill will, we all have our own freedoms and constraints  to do things...💙...i appreciate yiou so much for all you are.
  • You have my undying GRATITUDE and i hope  for you great Karma!  Thank You. 

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A hand tied Magoo Fly!

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- i have created the most epic fishing lure!
a hand tied, fish catching creation called the MAGOO FLY! 
{ either in spin/jig style or fly casting style, please specify }  
  • this fly is my own special creation which catch panfish to monster bass!!!
  • and even works on a variety of salt water species as well, from snappers to stripers! 

Request Line is open!

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ask, and i will se if i can possible assist! 💙
personal music, art, films education, chat, one on one request a Q&A on a subject ....ect




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About frank ferrante

let me know in a pm if i can get ya anything specific
...  i offer some goodies like fishing lures & other hand made outdoors survival gear!
  • $1 i can put your name/business name in all credits of my vids! and get any downloads of my music that like --- PLUS access to an exclusive Guide to The NWO resource library you can use to silence naysayers!😇
  • $3 bucks gets ya a hand tied Magoo fly or Jig & a GFish Sticker!

$5 bucks gets ya a personalized floating fish dehooker! 
  • OR a 3 lures, or i can compose for you your own soundscape!!

  • $10, all the other stuff under and you can make any request (within limits of course lol)
ie, a specific podcast topic - i can do the research, then make a video or go live either private or public and i explain anything you wish to discover goin on in the world!
(i was a teacher most of my life, i enjoy education and learning! and id like to share that!)
  •  $20; i will send ya my own personal mini survival kit set up!
(comes with ash-cloth & flint/steel, fishing kit, & wire saw!)

I do podcasts , i make music, i make art, i try to communicate, i do windows, i love nature, i love grilled cheeses, i will make you an album of music, i can make you videos, i can edit film, i can make a wedding video, i can wash ya car for ya, i can explain current events for you, i do not lie, i am not insane, i like to climb trees but hugging em gave me splinters so i slowed down, i fish and hike, i am your online creator and educator, i can tutor you in any subject, i can do lots - so ask away!
and...        I will MAKE  you artisan SOAP upon request!!!!  
   filming an outdoors show & fly fishing in the deep wild outback of florida 

some music for ya from the MOOOOOOOG

please inquire about Video Gaming Music and Sound Effects Services for your projects!
also, I create film scores and other similar commercial applications! well I added a new the new tier of a Gig of music per month, on a USB Album which includes some collectable album art you can print & hang on a wall! 
Just drop me a message and I will get back to you right away with info!


I'm in the process of adding tons of new things here for your business and I would like to make it all worth your investmentts and support!
Thank You for your current support and thank you for any future consideration for sustaining support!
You are giving me a chance to do the things I am able do for this world, and that gives me other  meaning and new purpose.


My story;

Hi I am Frank and I am an artist... I was a marine biologist and came to Florida to work with Mote Marine Lab and did for a few years. I am an nature/environmental person. I love EARTH as deeply as anything I ever have. 
But, as it goes,  things changed in the world and I got and back to my art.... life has been weird and i'm trying to just hang with ya all... I dunno what to do in the life we have except to create and share some cool stuff with ya....
I am a real person, and if u want to chill with me, please say hello
.. perhaps we are neighbors already?! ✌️😜🌏❤️
... If You Can Help Me "Tick Along" I would be grateful for any support or donations 

My art is a tool for communication. I am a synthesist, I create music, sculpt, paint, throw clay, create films.., and on and on… i utilize everything … I am in the process of bringing my self to the world and thank you from the bottom to the top of my being for the overwhelming love and support I’ve gotten on my journey through life…
We, together are a powerful force for change … my friends … THANK YOU!

[my "social" disclaimer]
I belong to no organization, agenda, political group/party, school, policy, corporation nor religion. I follow No horoscope, no main philosophy, no real nationalism, never a singleness of mind and no deception ....
.... I am simply me. A person trying to shine some light on this new experience to help anyone who wants a different angle or perspective to view our Human existence.
if only one person it be, I am thankful to help that one person not be so overwhelmed by this manufactured matrix and maybe learn and share new ways to make repairs.
This life is more than some personal, internal spiritual journey. Real bad things happen out here that we can avoid and stop if we are aware of them and understand them. 
I do not theorize, I actualize the truth by discerning the facts I can find.
I use fact to synthesize healthy understanding of stuff.

I appreciate your patience ....i am currently revamping this page .. stay tuned! Thank U for your support  
🎥🎬🍿 for now, please CLICK THIS 🔗🎥🔗and PLEASE subscribe to my channel here on Youtube and stay connected with me while I revamp Patreon and you can catch up on the zillion vids I have created for ya!🌼💙🤙

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