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My name is ioki, and for two years I've been streaming, creating YouTube videos, writing informative guides on sites like Reddit, and more.  All of this content has been 100% free -- and THAT'S not changing!  I will always continue to create content that I can believe in and be proud of.   I will NEVER lock any of my content behind a paywall, and it will ALWAYS be available for all to view the second it is released.  

I have created this Patreon as an alternative way for fans and friends to contribute to this dream of mine.  I am working hard on becoming the ioki that you guys deserve and this Patreon campaign is a huge step forward in that regard.  Since Twitch has yet to give me a Subscribe button, this Patreon can act as an alternative subscription method to show your support for what I do!

58% complete
This truly blows my mind -- my sincere thank you to everyone who has helped (and continues to help) us reach this goal!  This Patreon is helping me take babysteps towards one day being able to do this fulltime!  
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