Ian Patrick Gentles is creating Music Vlogs

Writing and recording songs in my Tree House.

Give $
per per video
Milestone Goals
Portable PA for Live Acoustic Shows
$100 per per video
We have a 6pc live band and 3 of us sing. A 4-channel PA that switches to battery is exactly what we need to run the vocals and one acoustic guitar. We would be visiting some regional city parks and performing live with proper sound equipment with this addition. We would be very grateful!
Mini Tours
$150 per per video
About once per week I have a gig, open mic or a live radio interview with or without the rest of the band. $150 milestone will guarantee we keep a busy schedule; I can keep gas in my car and strings on my guitar. We will be able to schedule shows overnight in regional locations near New Jersey. Thank you!


I am a songwriter, producer and lead the band Working Class Hussys. Lately as many independent musicians do, I've been working on my video skills. Now our band is releasing a Music Vlog with a new song release every week - with lyrics.  I'm grateful for the Patreon ecosystem for independents!


Lambertville, NJ, USA
Hello, my name is Ian and I'm not just a truck driver, I'm a life-long songwriter and I want to continue to share my music with the world. I also have a band called Working Class Hussys. I'm grateful for this service at Patreon because I have so much music to share with you. I pre-record my songs in my studio before the band gets to play them and people don't usually get to hear these "demos." Not all of the songs I write are for the band to play so this Patreon website is great for sharing all the songs I have to share. On Patreon I am committing to making one blog music video per week using one of my songs.

So, how does this work and what is Patreon?
It's micro-crowd-funding but not just one big project. It's for people like me that are creating something small, like a song and doing it frequently. You will be a Patron of my ongoing work. Think of it as a tip for every release I post. Patreon has made it easy for you to set a monthly limit of how much you will pay if I happen to go on a songwriting binge one month. I will be posting one video per week. So you can figure what you are willing to pledge per song. It should be whatever you are comfortable with --like $1 or $3 per song or a whole lot more if it feels right. Anything you pledge is greatly appreciated and helps me achieve my goals as an independent musician.

Is that it?
No, actually. I have some extra stuff for Patreons like you who give to the cause. I am doing some private google hangout shows and offering everlasting gratitude on the credits of my videos and even some physical CDs for big spenders. More details are below.

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