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My blog is about ten years old now and when I first started I knew very little about blogging on the internet. When I was in university I took some graduate studies that focused on the use of technology in education. At first my projects were about things I already knew about or was comfortable using, I was essentially playing it safe. My professor encouraged me to work outside of my comfort zone because that is where true personal growth takes place. This involved 'jumping into the deep end of the pool' which was a bit terrifying at first, but it was the most valuable thing I learned in higher education. You should always be ready to try something your a little bit not ready to do. 

I enjoy exploring the Pacific Northwest and occasionally elsewhere. I concentrate on animals, birds and landscape photos. This area has an abundance of wildlife and natural beauty. When I visit a new location I'm also interested in learning about its history and sharing what I learn on my blog.

As a photographer I have a strong sense of ethics when taking images of wildlife. I'll never use bait or calls to lure an animal or bird, which can cause it unnecessary stress. We must always remember that 'A fed bear is a dead bear'. The welfare of the animal must prevail over me obtaining a picture. All animals are 'sentient beings' and not objects. In nature I leave no garbage or waste.   

Sometimes I'll create reviews of photography equipment I like. I have no affiliation with the manufacture and my opinions are my own. When I write about a product its because I've used it in the field and it's functional, reliable or well made.  

Your Patreon donation keeps my blog alive, make no mistake. Still, only 3–5% of repeat visitors make any sort of contribution, so anyone who does so is doing a favor not only to me, but, indirectly, to all the other casual readers who never click a link and never flip me a dime. If you go from being a non-contributing reader to being a contributing reader, or from being a small contributor to being a larger one, you're making a big difference to our peaceful little corner of the internet.

Patreon gifts are entirely voluntary and you won't get anything in return except for one thing—which is that I'll do my best to 'keep up the good work.' As many people often ask me to do. :-)

BIG THANKS! You are very kind. 
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