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By pledging just $5 a month, you'll receive a weekly Mp3 from an upcoming Monkey House performer.   You'll be thanked by name on our website and in our Monkey Mail newsletter (if you're a business we can also include a link each month.)   After three months as a patron, you'll also get three free admissions.
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At the $10 level you'll get a weekly Mp3 from upcoming performers,  a thank you on our website and newsletter (including a link to your business), six free admissions (after three months of membership) and preferential seating.  (We send  our seating chart and you tell us where you'd like to be.)  Plus a Songs from the Fog  local music CD.
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This is the life!  Free admission to all* Monkey House events.  Free weekly MP3s.  Monkey Mail and website thank you.  Preferential seating with free butt-pillow.  20% discount on renting the Monkey House.   Songs from the Fog  CD.

*Some events are private and do not qualify.




In 2012, I converted my live/work storefront in Berkeley, CA into The Monkey House, a cozy little theater for songwriters, storytellers, improv artists, and other thoughtful performers.  But it turns out this business of monkey business isn’t so easy.  We don’t sell alcohol and it’s hard to rely on just our share of the door donations to keep the lights on.  So please consider becoming a Patron and joining our Banana Club.  Pitch in as little as $5 per month and you’ll be helping to help keep a community art space alive.   You'll get free music from upcoming performers each week, and a thank you note on our website and in each month's newsletter (including a link if you're a business.)  And depending on the level of your pledge, you'll also get free admissions, discounts on rentals and songwriting workshops, a free CD, preferential seating and more. So sign up now to show your support for a hard-working art space and for the local art scene in general.  You can end your membership at any time.

Thanks so much,
Ira Marlowe

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When we reach 200 patrons we'd love to throw a party as one more way of saying thanks.  We'll invite all your favorite Monkey House musical acts, plus comedy, magic, and more!
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