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For passionate guitar students from around the world (<18 years): tutorials and workshops to get your sound really good.

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You will have early access to video recordings, of audio recordings and exclusive access to inspiring tutorials.

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Ask your questions in live streams about technique and various topics. Get acces to behind-the-scenes footage.

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Dear friends,

Welcome to my Patreon page!

Patreon is an amazing platform where people from around the world support artists from all backgrounds. If you like my music, then please sign up and contribute to the creation of beautiful audio and video recordings and tutorials every month. You will be as close to the whole creative process as anyone can be.

It's about the touch

My motto in life and music is It's about the touch. If you have something to share, then keep it pure and beautiful. Put your heart in every little detail. You will touch the life of someone, somewhere, sometime, in ways you cannot imagine.

This motto guides me when I'm playing in a concert hall with an audience. And I feel the same about sharing videos online. I want to make every detail beautiful – both to the ear and to the eye. And I have some very nice ideas for a series of tutorials to help guitarists of all levels improve the quality of their sound.

How can you contribute?
And this is where you come in. If you make a monthly contribution via Patreon, you make it possible for me and for a small team of passionate professionals that I work with to create beautiful videos, helpful tutorials and new albums to share with the world.

It's very easy to start contributing:
  • You register as a patron on this platform.
  • You choose how much you want to contribute per month.
And you're done. You've become a member of my Patreon Village.

What you'll get in return
We are at the very start of this. This is what I am aiming for:
  • A new video every month. You'll be the first to see them.
  • A new tutorial once per month. If you have questions about the guitar, I can answer them in these tutorials.
  • Exclusive online streams, with live music and questions and answers only for my Patreon Village.
  • A look behind the screens: photos and videos from the making of my recordings.
  • And more to come once we're well on our way.

Be with the first

So that's it. I hope you like the idea. If you sign-up today, you will be with the first. You will help me shape activities on this platform and create music, videos and tutorials for people around the world.

I really appreciate you're involvement. You make art possible.
Thank you.

Keep in touch!

Irina Kulikova
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