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You’re a true legend. This level is popular among very decent people who want to support the podcasts, gain access to the older episodes and hear full-length new episodes of Irishman Abroad Each week. (Anywhere 15-60mins  more conversation than the standard iTunes/Soundcloud version of each episode. You also get the much sought after Irishman Abroad pin sent to your home!
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Welcome to the inner circle. You’re the type of hero who wants access to ALL the episodes, new series, bonus episodes, free tickets to exclusive Irishman Abroad events, the Irishman Abroad pin and exclusive video content. You also get a high five from Jarlath should you ever meet him in person! (High fives are non-transferrable, offer is limited to one high per patron😉.)
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You’re one of the greats. Anyone in this tier fully gets it and wants to support the creation of these podcasts as much as possible. Those that give $20 or more a month have access to absolutely everything from the archive to the video content to free tickets for all thelive shows. You can also chose to receive the pin, badge and bag of the podcast with a handwritten note of thanks from Jarlath himself.