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What is Iron Resurgence?

Iron Resurgence is an idea. A Philosophy. A healthy means for coping.

Everyday veterans complete their service to our country and are asked to begin transitioning out of some of the only normalcy they’ve known - the military. Many veterans, including myself, incur injury during their service. These injuries are both physical and mental; from combat-related PTSD to Traumatic Brain Injuries; from loss of limb to Clinical Depression. With so many of our service members returning from combat, they need an outlet to ease the stress of assimilating into civilian life.

Here are some figures to help people understand. Most people are familiar with the recent “22 a day” campaign to help raise awareness of veteran suicides, suggesting that 22 veterans a day have committed suicide since 2014. Recent studies have also shown that 31% of veterans ranging from the Vietnam war to the Afghan and Iraq campaigns suffer from combat-related PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Not covered under PTSD are the conditions of Anxiety and Depression, which have produced numbers after rigorous studies by the VA Health Organization that would shock many. Nearly 41% of combat personnel returning from war suffer from these conditions. Regularly, the answer by healthcare professionals that have partnered with the VA is to medicate.

As a result, 68,000 veterans have been treated since March 2018 for prescription opioid addiction. 21% of that number are repeat overdoses, and it is estimated that with rate of issuance of prescription opioids, another 82,000 will be treated for opioid addiction this year.

The people who raised their right hand when no one else would are being treated like numbers on a piece of paper; just another prescription to write off, another addiction to treat, another coffin to fill, and another statistic. This is simply unacceptable. This must change.

You may ask why I have taken such an interest in this subject. It’s simple. I almost became one of those dreaded statistics.

I joined the United States Army on September 9th, 2009 as an infantryman, and was stationed in Fort Polk, LA with the 10th Mountain Division. On Aug 23, 2011 I was injured in a complex attack initiated by an IED and followed by small arms fire. I was hospitalized for 3 months in Bagram, Afghanistan. After years of trying to cope with numerous injuries, I was eventually medically retired from the United States Army.

Through the course of treatment, I was prescribed 26 different medications for various conditions, including combat-related PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, a Traumatic Brain Injury and all of the side effects that came with those conditions. Medical professionals prescribed me 12 different kinds of opioid, anti-psychotics, depression and anxiety medications. My life was at an all time low. I felt as if the injuries I had sustained in the service of my country was being treated as an annoyance rather than a real issue.

One day, I woke up and did not want to move. I lacked motivation and overall willpower. I spent my day reflecting on why I felt that way, called my friend to see if he was experiencing the same situation, as he separated the same time I did. He said “Put those meds down, and get back in the gym. Tell me how you feel in a week.”

This was a major turning-point for me, and the catalyst that has developed Iron Resurgence. I went to the gym any time I felt down, up, sad, happy… and it worked. Strength Sports became my outlet. I began to advocate to other veterans who I knew were struggling, to get back in the gym, and train as if your life depended on it – because it did. My intention was not to spread this message for notoriety, but when those individuals thanked me for potentially saving their lives, I felt an immense satisfaction; but I knew my job was not done.

This message can be spread far and wide. Strength sports are the answer for those struggling with disabilities, be it mental or physical. It gives purpose; it gives drive; it gives a veteran a new lease on life.

You may ask “How can my donation help such a cause?” Each donation will go towards the promotion and operation of strength sport competitions in the nationwide.  These competitions can and will range from Strongman to Powerlifting, CrossFit to Bodybuilding and beyond!

The proceeds from each and every event will be directly donated to Hunter Seven. Hunter Seven is a veteran-founded, non-profit organization that conducts medical research and education using teams of medical and military experienced staff. Their goal is to educate and empower veterans to expand their knowledge, enrich their day-to-day well-being and live their best lives.

By signing up for our Red Level $5 monthly subscription, you will receive our supporter wristband. A beacon hope to wear. Raise your fist high in the air for all to see that you are a supporter of veterans and the IR mission. If you sign up for our Silver Level $10 a month option, you will receive our personalized lanyard along with your wristband. Lastly, our highest supporter level, Gold, which is $20 a month will reward you with our wristband, lanyard AND custom embroidered IR hat, which comes in Multi-Cam, Dark Camo and Black&White.

In addition to the items you will receive, you will also be given exclusive access to our monthly email newsletter, which will give updates about Hunter 7's research, biographies of veterans utilizing our philosophy, discount codes to our sponsors websites (Such as KindaFitKindaFat, Nightmare Muscle, Bravo Actual Supplements, Etc) and insider information about our upcoming events that ONLY patreon supporters have access to first!

Through this partnership we hope to extend a helping hand to those who deserve their nation's unwavering support in their time of need.

“Through strength, I am reborn.” – Iron Resurgence.

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When I reach 100 patrons, I will randomly draw 10 names EACH MONTH, do the drawing live on Instagram and send out swag bags containing Iron Resurgence and sponsoring companies gear (C4, KindaFitKindaFat, Nightmare Muscle, RawGrip Liquid Chalk, Obsidian Ammonia Inhalants, etc) The swag bags will be valued AT LEAST $50 worth of merchandise. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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