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About Iron Throne Global

Hello hello! Welcome to Iron Throne Global Community.

What we do with the Global Community?

Our goal is unify every content creator that shares their experience on the game and compile the data for everyone, everywhere. That means we translate every content for several languages and select every valuable information and make it available to you in one single place.

But this comes with a great effort and commitment. So if you think this project is helpful, select the best tier that suits you and become our Patron! Get access to exclusive content and much more.

Can you buy related products to support us?

Yes. Currently we are listing some of our merchandising on the war shop. But all the products we sell are related with your alliance or name  or social stickers. We don't own any right on IT brand so we can't make any reference in our products. You can visit at our WAR Store.

But why be a Patron?

With Patreon we will share exclusive content about Iron Throne, the backstage of our work and many advantages to increase your experience playing the game and bond with your friends. If you want to support, be a Patron and help us grow even more. Choose the tier that suits you.

R4 Sponsorship tier.. What is that?

Its something that will allow us to release even more and better content and allow your nickname to be visible on our platforms. If you sign to our sponsorship tier you will receive all the below tiers perks plus:
- spot with direct links to your page on digital social content
- spot reference on our printable media materials
- spot reference on the card we send with our orders
- Sponsorship mention on our Youtube content

R5 We have a very special spot for you on our Global Community!

We designed one spot for everyone who want to be more than sponsor. When you sign for it, this is what you will get besides all the below tiers:
- exclusive printable tag on every order we deliver
- static spot on the background of every video we release
- special mention on every content we release
- our greatest appreciation for your confidence on supporting this project

Stay tunned for our regular releases and follow our content. Thank you for all your support !!

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