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About Arsimael Inshan creates and runs several furry-related webservices.
This includes a secured Jabber/XMPP Server, eMail Services, Website hosting, Online storage, Imagehoster, etc.pp

Why am I doing this? 
Because I can. and because I don't trust in companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Dropbox and others.

I keep some very strict policies up:

Outgoing connections MUST BE encrypted. The IAF Server is only sending emails if the receiving server is supporting TLS encrypted connections from Version 1.1 and up.
Receiving emails are enforced to use a TLS encrypted connection from 1.1 and above too, but also accept connections down to SSL3. (even if they are not as secure as TLS, and SSL 3.0 is marked as "broken", there are still mailservers out there using this broken encryption.

Connections from email clients such as Thunderbird are getting refused if they are not using TLS. Unencrypted connections are getting refused (Sorry, MacOSX users, you need to use Thunderbird for Mac since Apple is not able to implement TLS in iMail)

Website Hosting:
All websites are getting a valid Level 1 SSL certificate from Let's encrypt. I try to run a service by "fair use" - means your blog, your gallery, your website shouldn't get "too big" (means in used space) - If your website gets too big, I will help you to move your site to an own server and help you setting everything up and get it running. (Together with regular scheduled updates and maintainance).

Things I have to charge you and why:
  • Music librarys: they use up too much space. According on how much space you need, I have to rent an additional storage for you. Ask me if you want to run something like this.
  • Image boards and huge Galleries. Same reason like the music libraries. Huge imageboards need way more diskspace and also CPU Power, since many galleries are resizing and processing images. (We are talking about >2000 images). Please have a talk with me. We will find a solution.
  • Video Portals. - I think thats obvious why. - We can also find a solution for this problem.

Document Management System:
If you want an alternative for Dropbox, you can request an own cloud account. the System is based on Nextcloud. this is also fully encrypted and SSL secured. The files are getting encrypted and stored on a Server which is not affected by the NSA-Letter or shit like that. 
the alternative is if you need a Download/Filemanagement System. Like if you are producing music and you need some space to upload your files and distribute them. Talk to me if you need more Informations.

Image hoster:
The Image hoster is just like every other service. Like Tinypic, imageshack or gyazoo. The only difference: I don't claim the useage rights or any copyright on these pics. these are YOUR pictures, fotos or images.

XMPP/Jabber Chat:
The chatserver is also very strict. No unencrypted connections. 

For all services there is one rule:
That is the main reason why I build up these things. I don't want Google, Microsoft, apple, yahoo or any other comapny analyzing and scanning my emails to create a "personalized ad campaign" for me or worse - sell my data to advertizing companies. 
I don't want any companies to gain the usage rights on my pictured just because I upload them to their website to share it with friends.
I am so damn annoyed by all those companies. 

I don't have to rely on external stakeholders to keep running. I don't need to bow before anyone which tells me "you need to monetize your services". I run them, because I want them to run. Because "I" want a safe and secured email, chat and imagehoster. 

If you want to support me, it would be great. All services are free of charge. and I will never charge you. - Except you want to host a bigger site or need some very special service.
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