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About Isaac Marion

Remember that movie, WARM BODIES, about a zombie who wants to be alive?

It was cute, right?

I wrote the book, and then three more books to finish the story, and they were a little less cute. While the movie took a more youthful, romantic comedy approach, the books were actually kinda serious. I wanted to use this goofy pop culture trope as a stealth vehicle to explore some heavier themes like struggling with depression, searching for a place to belong in the world, and holding on to hope when the world is falling apart.

Taking dumb ideas seriously is kind of my thing.

I’ve written stories from the perspectives of a cat, a T-rex, a ghost, a black hole, a stoplight, and a pixel. My next novels might be about a the last organic humans in a post-human robot future, or an indestructible man who outlives the universe, or a psychedelic parallel Earth that's running inside our dreams. I don’t know or care what genres I’m writing, I just like to see what life looks like through warped lenses. I explore imaginary worlds as a way of seeing this one.

And I need your help to keep doing it.


“But wait, why does a bestselling author with a hit movie need a Patreon? Aren’t you, like, rich?


That's how I used to think Success worked, that once you've had a big hit, you're Set For Life.  But the reality is not so romantic. I got one big paycheck when Hollywood bought Warm Bodies, and that was it. No cut of the box office, no merch money, and surprisingly little support for the sequels. Reviews from critics and readers were strong (⭑⭑⭑⭑1/2 on Amazon)...but they weren't bestsellers. So my publisher dropped me.

What I found was a frightened industry too worried about survival to take risks promoting unconventional authors. Fiction sales are declining every year, readers are disappearing into Netflix, and the market is forcing literature into increasingly narrow boxes. It's a bad time to be weird.

I ended up self-publishing the conclusion of the Warm Bodies series, but I'm not the kind of author who can make it big in the indie game either, with its demand for rapid production of short, cheap, genre-targeted ebooks. I write big, odd stories that really mean something to me, and they take years.

So I’m down to three options:

  1. Give up on writing and get a Real Job
  2. Crush myself into a more sellable shape and start writing formula fiction
  3. Double down on the work that inspires me and hope someone cares enough to support it
I’m choosing 3.

I've uprooted my whole life in Seattle, sold everything I don't need, and moved to a remote island cabin. I'm cutting away all distractions and pouring everything I have into one last attempt to make this writer thing work.

I will probably go crazy out here...

...and I want you to go with me!



This is why you’re here, and this is job one—the next book. And it’s already brewing. I can’t tell you much about it yet, but expect something much wilder and more grownup that releases the poetic style I couldn’t fully embrace within Warm Bodies’ more traditional narrative. No zombies, no guns, no car chases, just people searching for a more beautiful world hidden behind this one. (It's that psychedelic dream world thing I mentioned...)

When I need a break from the novel’s heavy lifting, I’m writing small bits of poetry or microfiction and weaving them into images I’ve captured on my wanderings. For now, I’m squeezing them into the tiny box of Instagram. When I have enough of them, I will let them breathe in a lush, full-color book.

The urgency of finishing the next bill-paying project forced me to lock down my musical ideas for 12 years, but they never stopped flowing, and by now they’ve reached critical pressure. I’ve developed a concept for a new sound that sets my ears on fire. With your support, I’ll finally be able to record the album that’s been pounding in my head for all these years.

Yes, a podcast—but it’s not what you think! No dramatic narrative, no political discourse, no meandering chit-chat or awkward interviews. This is a soft, unobtrusive thing called EYES UP, a show about noticing. Tiny observations about the beauties and oddities hidden in the world around us, the subtle moments and feelings we all experience but struggle to put into words. I will put them into words—with original music and sounds—in song-length vignettes that blow a bubble of thoughtful calm into the chaos of daily life.

So if you like what I do and you want me to be able to keep doing it, I’m asking you to try out this new approach to supporting art. We can't rely on industrial media to keep culture alive and uncorrupted as we spiral toward the apocalypse. This is a time for artists and audiences to reach out to each other and build a closer connection before the chaos rips us apart.


Unpublished stories, abandoned projects, sneak peeks at current ones, deleted scenes and behind the scenes secrets from Warm Bodies the book and the movie, tales from my ride through Hollywood, private live streams and windows into my everyday life. Witness my inevitable descent into madness as I live and work alone in the woods!

I’m really excited about this. It’s a chance to build a closer community where I’m free to share stuff too personal, too risky, or too embarrassing for public social media, because you’re invested on a much deeper level, and that means I can trust you. Right…?

I’m calling this the Flammarion Club, based on the Flammarion Engraving, (which I liked enough to tattoo all over my arm) because it’s about leaving the familiar world behind and exploring the unknown.

So let’s be like this guy. Let’s see what’s out there!

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